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Inside TD Gardens Game 6 Stanley Cup finals: Bruins fans mock Vancouver

Inside TD Gardens during Game 6 of Stanley Cup Finals.  All photographs by Howard Eaton

 Back at the hotel after walking through thousands of happy Bruin fans.  Reminded me of after Game 5 in Vancouver.  Fans were high fiving each other and cars honking their horns.  The yellow Stanley Cup towels were waving in the air.  Most fans were crowded around the Bobby Orr statue that sits just outside the Gardens.  The police were watching closely, though no intervention was needed as all was under control.
It is quite clear in this series that the home team has a serious crowd advantage.  It has been remarkable attending games 3, 4 and 6 in Boston.  The crowd is loud, passionate and in your face if you are the opposition.  This is the same I observed in Game 5 in Vancouver and need to repeat for Game 7.
Now to face the Air Canada strike!  I hope I make it back in time for Game 7.
End of Third Period: Bruins win 5-2. It really appears to be a series where the home team wins. Let's hope the pattern repeats in Vancouver. A frustrating loss for the Canucks. On the bright side we now have an opportunity to win the Stanley Cup at home on Wednesday. If I was told this was going to happen at the start of the season I would have been thrilled. Go CANUCKS!

2nd - Intermission - 4-0 Bruins: Vancouver power play continues to struggle. Canucks need to figure this problem out as the Bruins continue to take penalties.

Nathan Horton shown on the big screen during a second period time out. He is being used effectively as a motivator for the Bruins fans and players. He is a huge fan favorite.

The Sedins continue to struggle with Chara. There appears to be little room for them to maneuver around the tall man. Of course there is also Thomas. No doubt the current MVP of this series.

Bruins fans content. A few in my section continue to mock Vancouver fans. Their favorite right now is, "Luongo sucks doesn't he." And then they repeat that twenty times before being interrupted by a solid Bruins hit on the ice and corresponding crowd explosion of joy.
Five minutes left in the 2nd Period. Crowd chanting, "We want the Cup. We want the Cup." Thomas continues to stand on his head. Crowd laughing and enjoying the Bruins play.
4-0 for Boston at end of 1st Period. 1st Intermission: How do you spell relief? I have no idea. Unbelievable to see this happen for a third time. Not sure this has ever happened in this history of the Stanley Cup.  The first goal is so huge and from there just a total collapse. As well, TD Gardens is a remarkable motivator for the Bruins. They feed off this crowd like the Canucks at Rogers Arena.

The Bruins fans are loving this! Luongo being pulled produced the loudest cheers and finger waving at his general direction.

The way Thomas is playing it seems unlikely for a miracle come back. Could be a very long night being  a Canuck fan in the Gardens. Several fans behind me have begun their incessant mocking. Oh, boy. Not looking for to hearing the Boston sports commentators on TV tonight.

Well, here is hoping for one stunning come back. Fingers crossed.
7:00pm Inside TD Gardens. Crowd filling in. Good to see the Canuck fan base present.  Bruin fans lining up along the boards to see their heros close up. Same for the Nucks.  Good seats.
6:00 EST Outside TD Gardens watching the TSN hockey commentators telecast their live show. Bruins fans chanting "Let's go Bruins" - trying to frustrate the producer.  Good number of Canuck fans around wearing the Blue and Green. Good mood all around, which is nice to see. I am sure the mood will change in a few hours.

9:18 Decided to go for a long morning walk to enjoy the beautiful city of Boston.  It is a remarkable city.  Full of history, intellectual inspiration and, of course, a passion for sport.  Boston is a city one should visit.

I headed for Boston Common at about 9 a.m. EST.  Did not see any Canuck jerseys or t-shirts, but did see one of Francesco Acquilini's brothers going for a walk. 

Thought about saying hi to him, but he looked deep in reflection.  I can only imagine the emotions going through the brothers.  They are so close.  We are all so close. 

After getting at grande latte at Starbucks I head along the Freedom Trail towards Faneuil Hall Market Place.  Boston Bruins jerseys, t-shirts and caps were present in larger numbers. 

Though, it is clear that the City of Vancouver has way more cars with flags and fans wearing jerseys around town than Beantown.  I mean, way more. 

After checking out Faneuil Hall Market Place I made the 5 minute walk over to TD Gardens. 

Given that it was only 10:30am EST Bruins and Canucks fans were gathering about the entrance to the Gardens. 

I spotted Riaz Meghji, from Breakfast Television chatting with some Canuck fans.  Cars were driving by them and shouting the odd profanity there way.

Certainly the media is starting to gather stories from both corners. Heading for lunch and then back to the Gardens to check out the atmosphere.

George Washington as Bruins fan pictured on his horse in Boston Commons


10:55 -- On my way to TD Gardens. It is about an hour walk to the Gardens. Weather looks decent, no rain.  I have one big hope for Game 6.  That it is a close game. Both Game 3 and 4 were tough to watch as a vistor from Vancouver.  It also allowed some of the intoxicated Bruins fans to spot Canuck fans and do their best to make life miserable.

I took this picture in Game 3.  The Bruins fans were having a great time, obviously.  So, Canucks, keep it close and bring home the CUP!




Updates from a Canucks fan's journey deep into the heart of Bruins' country for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals.

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