Hilarious second season of web series 'Chasing Mood' premieres on Tuesday

The little web series that could, Chasing Mood, returns on Tuesdays beginning March 29th with eight hard-hitting episodes. The comedic series, which follows the lives of two guys trying to find their calling in life, has not only caught the attention of online viewers, but also big name actors who are eager to participate in the series. Chasing Mood stars Canadian actors Curtis Lum and Brendon Bertolini, whose all-too-familiar story of actors with extreme passion for becoming respected but not getting the roles to reflect their hunger led them to this successful series. In season 2, the episodes will be released every Tuesday at 9pm starting March 29th, and will stream episodes ranging from 5-6 minutes in length.

In Season 1, we met the characters of Chasing Mood and were treated to nine episodes chronicling the uncomfortably “real” tales of Brendon and Curtis aggressively chasing their dreams of being actors and failing miserably. Brendon’s hobbies include video games and making everyone around him feel uncomfortable, while Curtis focuses on partying, smooth talking ladies, and keeping his friends out of trouble.  “As this duo evolved as people and actors, so did the show, which morphed from a show about two actors, to a show that (in season two) revolves around a couple of guys trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. It grew so much from a show where we poked fun at the film industry, to a show that is now putting a comedic spin on everyday life.” says writer and director Leslie Birch.

In season 2, ‘Chasing Mood’ welcomes Jarod Joseph (Melrick Jr), who plays Brendon’s fast talking hustler friend, and Red, played by Blu Mankuma  (2012, Fathers & Sons, Andromeda) who also starred in Season 1. Red, a recently retired actor, realizing his lifelong dream of running a diner, gives sound advice to the patrons and other actors. Audiences will also be introduced to the high-strung, eccentric, and sometimes volatile, Johnson Phan (War, True Justice). Like Curtis Lum and Brendon Bertolini, Johnson plays himself. In the second season viewers can expect to see that for the first time in a while, Curtis doesn’t really know what he wants to do with his life. His friend Brendon has just come back to the city, and even though he’s glad Brendon’s back, he also feels as though he’s come back a little strange. Curtis couldn’t have picked a better time to soul-search because his uncle went away on business and left him the keys to his amazing condo. With a great new place and great friends around him, it should be easy to find the time to reflect and figure out what he wants to do with his life, but something tells us he’s not going to get the chance to do this.

Curtis Lum, born and raised in Vancouver, has always had a burning desire to entertain. Growing up in a traditional working-class Asian family, becoming an actor was not a typical career choice. He honed his craft secretly, and within a year, landed a reoccurring role on the Canadian teen-drama ‘Renegade Press’. He then booked his first movie ‘Dim Sum Funeral’ (Bai Ling, Steph Song, Russel Wong) and has since had roles on ‘Shattered’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Psych’, to name a few.

Brendon Bertolini was raised in Yellowknife, NWT. Wanting to pursue an acting career, he moved to Vancouver in 2008 and quickly began landing roles in short films. Brendon (a self proclaimed gamer geek) continues to work hard for his dream of a career in film and television.

Both the cast and crew of Chasing Mood have special reasons to be so dedicated to this unique and hilariously scripted show produced by Leslie Birch, Curtis Lum and Todd Giroux. Todd has over 17 years in the film and media industry, most recently heading up Canada’s largest Post Production company. Todd also sits on the Board of Advisors for the School of Broadcast- TV, Radio and Journalism at BCIT. Leslie also writes and directs the show pulling from his rich background with some of the industry’s top production companies, and brings his known talents with “guerrilla style” filming to add a unique flavour to the series. 

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