Norwegians are Coming to Canada to Manufacture Weapons

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Ed Holder, Member of Parliament for London West, welcome Egil Haugsdal, President of Kongsberg Protech Systems, as Kongsberg announces it will open a new manufacturing facility.

Konsberg Protech, headquartered in Norway, is coming to Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office announced today. Just a few days after the company announced it had "...booked an order valued at a total of MNOK (243 Million Norwegian kroners) from the US Army (the order, Konsberg's website says, is part of the 8 billion Common Remotely Operated Weapon Stations (CROWS) framework agreement signed in August 2007), the new facility in London, Ontario was announced. The Prime Minister's office said it will "directly create up to 100 jobs in the London area, with a further 500 jobs through supplier activity." said this about the Common Remotely Operated Weapon Stations (pictured above):

"The XM101 Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) addresses the modernization of existing small arms weapons systems by providing for the engineering and manufacturing development of a remote mounting system for heavy and medium machine guns. The system integrates the MK19 Grenade Machine Gun, M2 Machine Gun, M240B Medium Machine Gun, and the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). PM Soldier Weapons has near term plans to begin integration of their advanced Crew Served Weapons family, including the XM307 and XM312. The weapons operate off of a larger ammunition supply than that of the standard crew-served weapons. With larger combat loads, the weapon is reloaded less, keeping the crew inside the vehicle."

The PM's office added: "These high-tech jobs will strengthen Canada’s manufacturing and defense sectors as well as the larger research community.:

 Konsberg makes weapons that are made to protect the soldiers using them, its website says. Weapons like the one below called "The Protector" (pictured below.)


 "The Protector weapon control system that protects military  troops by allowing the vehicle's weapons to be operated from a protected position inside the vehicle," the company's site says.

"The business area is weapon control systems with the highly successful PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Station. The KONGSBERG PROTECTOR family with more than 6000 systems in active service world wide, represents a wide range of quality products, mounted on multiple platforms.


“Kongsberg’s decision to expand its Canadian operations confirms that Canada has the right conditions to attract and nurture the new economy,” said the Prime Minister. “Canada is open for business and will emerge from the recession more powerful, more competitive and more prosperous than it ever was before.”

 The Government’s economic policies are making Canada more competitive, attracting foreign investment from companies like Kongsberg, a press release put out by Harper's office said. " Businesses are benefiting from reductions in the corporate income tax rate. In fact, Canada will have the lowest overall tax rate on new business investment in the G-7 this year. Canada’s Economic Action Plan improves conditions for investment, enhances competition and reduces barriers for businesses. This year, the Economic Action Plan will eliminate remaining tariffs on manufacturing inputs, machinery and equipment; continue to strengthen our financial sector; and provide support for research and development."

As of March 2009 the PROTECTOR (pictured below) has been chosen by 17 nations and KONGSBERG continues to be the worlds leading provider of Remote Weapon Stations.

Protector weapon control system

Kimberley Ytsma provided editorial assistance on this post.

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