Trading in chemicals for natural cleaning products

AspenClean natural products in a photograph from the company

AspenClean, a West Vancouver based company and maid service, is striving to remove harmful chemical cleaning products from homes across the lower mainland, says Alicia Sokolowski, AspenClean’s owner. Today, my Vancouver apartment got treated to a makeover with AspenClean's products and cleaning teams. And now I know why they’re so in demand.

In my home, for the last few months,  dust has been collecting in the corners and on the shelves---despite a weekly intensive four hours of cleaning.  Fingerprints stamped the windows and no matter how deliberately I scrubbed the kitchen sink, it remained dull looking. Okay, I admit it, I’m no maid and I probably didn't give it the time it required to look the way I wished it would.

But in three hours, AspenClean's professional cleaning teams left everything shining like new.  Without any of the lingering toxicity of your typical cleaning product.  Now that I think about it, toxicity shouldn't really be a byproduct of "clean." It's something I've let myself ignore for far too long.  One of the many things I file away in the "wish I didn't know" department.  Wish I didn't know the stuff I clean with may be damaging my long-term health or that its ingredients may be linked to the onset of various cancers.

After my experience today, I'm emptying the bottles, throwing that stuff into recycling and switching to natural cleaners. “Its pretty easy these days to replace the more traditional cleaning products with less hamful ones, especially when natural cleaning products work just as well if not better” says Sokolowski. To make your switch effortless watch out for AspenClean product swap events in 2011 - you get to safely dispose of chemical based cleaning products and will receive full-sized AspenClean products in trade.

Yes, natural cleaning products are a little bit more expensive in the short run, but when you think what it costs to recover from a serious illness like cancer, maybe in the long run they're cheap.

About the Company

AspenClean’s vision is to create sustainable and natural cleaning products for use professionally in the home cleaning industry and for personal home cleaning use.

Their 100% natural cleaning products including All Purpose Cleaner, a SuperScrub powder and an All-In-One Concentrate can be purchased throughout the lower mainland – view the full list of locations here.

And if you don’t fancy doing the cleaning yourself, book a cleaning appointment by calling them at 604-925-9900 or 24 hours a day at

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