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I don't know about you but I get a little pang of guilt thinking about how many of the everyday activities I do hurt the environment. With major cosmetic and personal care products full of harmful chemicals and all the disposeable water bottles and plastic bags I never seem to quite avoid, I worry about my the impact on the ecosystem and my body.

I hadn't visited the site before, but when you go to the EcoConvenience website you immediately realize this is a company with a social conscience. They've got a blog with great tips on issues like how to go car-free and how to reduce exposure to BPA. It's evident they've put a lot of time into helping consumers avoid greenwashing by screening products to find the ones that are the most sensible and eco-friendly. I also really liked their "Eco Green Dictionary", which helps consumers decode some green marketing jargon, like explaining the difference between upcycling and downcycling.
I was really impressed by EcoConvenience's range of products, which includes cleaning supplies, eco-friendly bags, water bottles, yoga and biking supplies, and many more items for the office, home, and school.
The prices are great:
My container cupboard is always a huge mess, but these go a long way to cleaning it up. They're a great green colour and they're stackable to save space.
I bake a lot and these mean I can make cupcakes and muffins without worrying about the chlorination process that goes into bleaching most baking cups.
I admit it: I'm a messy drinker. This biodegradable laundry stain remover stick helps deal with all kinds of messes like red wine stains without being full of dyes and perfumes that irritate my skin.
Yay for sponges that aren't full of dyes and chemicals!
Sometimes I'm not always able to make sure all the produce I buy is organic and this fruit and veggie spray is a lifesaver. It removes pesticides that don't come off with regular rinsing and you can't taste or smell it on the produce afterward.
This is definitely the most fun thing I ordered, although there were many more cool eco-friendly office supplies to be found on the site. The staple-free stapler punches a really small hole and sort of folds paper together so I'm not always dealing with buying new staples, jamming staplers, and worrying about stepping on dropped staples in the carpet.
Overall, the whole process of shopping at EcoConvenience was really fun. I was really impressed by their commitment to finding the best green products and by their selection. The only thing that was difficult was choosing the best way to spend the amount of the ethicalDeal coupon!


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