Maybe Jesus was gay

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So back to this little folk song (Jesus was a Fag) recently performed in Vancouver. I have to admit that I am still not very fond of people using the word FAG. I know we're reclaiming it for our community and using it in a way that's meant to 'empower,' but I just don't like the word. Simple as that. But after watching her sing a few times and then reading the lyrics, I understand why she uses it and the point she's hoping to make.

My favourite lyrics are these:

(This is supposed to be God speaking to some Christian parents with a gay son)

"Yunnow, once you know a gay person, the whole idea of homosexuality
becomes much less of this big, scary, unknown thing,
that steals your women, and corrupts your children,
and much more of an 'oh, that explains a little more about you'
and 'I'm glad you're discovering what makes you happy.'"

I like and appreciate that sentiment. It's completely honest and true.

Maybe calling Jesus a fag is a bit jarring, and maybe a lot of people will be pissed at me for even choosing to write about this and bring some attention to this artist and her song. But if there's one thing I've learned in my few years here on this planet it's that if people don't pay attention, don't care and don't talk about things that make them uncomfortable, then we'll never have the opportunity to change and grow. I believe that's what Jaimie Kendal-Ward was thinking when she wrote the song and I hope that many more people get to hear it.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions...just be nice. I'm feeling a bit fragile with these new rainy winter days.


*The song was written and recorded by Jaimie, at home, and is not affiliated with Cafe Deux Soleils.

a modern day retelling of the story of Jesus' birth, ministry, and death in which both he and his disciples are portrayed as homosexual. In fact, the play was initially cancelled because of death threats from extremist religious groups against the board members of the Manhattan Theatre Club which was to produce the play. However, several other playwrights such as Tony Kushner threatened to withdraw their plays if Corpus Christi was not produced, and the board finally relented. When the play opened, the theatre was besieged by almost 2000 protesters, furious at what they considered blasphemy. When Corpus Christi opened in London, a British Muslim group called the Defenders of the Messenger Jesus even went so far as to issue a fatwa sentencing McNally to death.[4] On January 19, 2008, Robert Forsyth, Anglican bishop of South Sydney condemned "Corpus Christi" (which opened for February's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, a play depicting Judas seducing Jesus): "It is deliberately, not innocently, offensive and they're obviously having a laugh about it." The play also showed Jesus administrating a marriage between two male apostles. Director Leigh Rowney accepted that it would offend some Christians and said: "I wanted this play in the hands of a Christian person like myself to give it dignity but still open it up to answering questions about Christianity as a faith system." 

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