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Top trends of 2010

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Let's face it. EVERYTHING seems to be in 3D now. They even broadcast Queen Elizabeth's coronation in 3D on CBC this Fall. The list of 3D movies that were released in 2010 is ridiculous and new titles seem to be flying at us like mad. To tell you the truth, the last few 3D titles I've seen have only been OK as far as the 3D is concerned. I've started to think that they are just shooting in 3D so they can charge you a premium at the box office.

Then we have 3D TV. I suppose it's fun and all, but I actually tire of wearing those little plastic glasses. Did anyone catch the 3D broadcast of the Toronto/Montreal hockey game on December 11th? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

And surprise of all surprises, they are even shooting porn in 3D now. Yup. The winner of 2010's award for best Gay porn feature went to Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls. Yikes indeed!

6. Betty White.

Everyone favorite gal pal, Betty White, had a tremendously trendy year.

She starred in a hillarious super bowl commercial for Snicker's candy bars, hosted a super popular episode of Saturday Night Live (after a huge Facebook fan campaign) and landed a brand new TV series, Hot in Cleveland.


Let's hope this trend continues for several more years.

7. Celebrities tell young Gay kids that 'It Get's Better'.

After a terrible onslaught of Gay teen suicides in the US, writer Dan savage posted a video with his partner Terry on Youtube just to let youth know that it does indeed, 'get better.' Within weeks, the It Gets Better project spawned over 5000 user generated videos and politicians and celebrities like President Barack Obama and Anne Hathaway contributed moving words of inspiration.

The project is still going strong and is now a worldwide phenomenon.

8. Checking in!

Everyone started doing this in 2010 and I think it will grow well into the new year. Location based games, apps and services are everywhere and it's the best way to get featured coupons, meet friends and win games in my opinion.

Have you checked in today?

9. The Gay Best Friend.

Teen Vogue published an article this summer dicussing the relevance and benefit of having a Gay best friend (GBF) in high school. Seriously.

According to the article, the once-bullied gay high school boy is currently in high demand among the popular girls.

“A few years ago, all the popular, pretty girls were walking hand in hand with a preppy jock,” one high school student says. “Now you’ll see them in hallways with a Mulberry bag on one arm and a Johnny Weir look-alike on the other.”

Influenced by the media’s quick uptake of the gay guy/straight girl coupling—for instance, Will and Grace, Carrie Bradshaw and Stanford or even Sharpay and Ryan from “High School Musical”—it seems teenage girls are “collecting” fashion-forward gay boys, the magazine says.

Unfortunately, the magazine portrays the trend as something that positions the boys as an accessory, like a pair of Uggs—in one season and out the next—instead of as people with the respect and individuality they deserve.

However, Teen Vogue acknowledges that the pairing may be less competitive and more honest than friendships between two girls.

And some of the teens interviewed who were in GBF relationship before the hype started are themselves concerned with the relationships being treated as a trivial fad. One teen said, “It’s wonderful that society and the media have become so accepting, but that culture should never be exploited or treated like a passing trend. People should not be defined by characteristics like their sexuality.”

(AMEN to that, indeed)

10. Straight guys looking like Gay guys.

Yup. This one is completely true and has to stop. Now.

The big problem is that straight guys are dressing like Gay guys from a few years back!


Check out all the earrings, fake tans, matchy track suits, bedazzled T-shirts, jeans and hoodies, the man purses, the blingy jewelry, hair spray...and I could go on. I honestly can't figure this one out. Now I'm all for dressing well and taking care of your appearance but come on! Hopefully this a trend that is on its way out.

How about you? Any trends from the last year that you're really fond of? Anything you hope falls out of fashion faster then we can say, 'Happy New Year!?

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