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Gay rugby star's story to be made into Hollywood film

It was just a little over a year ago when Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas publicly announced his homosexuality. He said that "keeping his sexuality a secret had made his adult life agony, and feelings of guilt towards his wife Jemma (had) plunged him into depression."

One of the first international sportsmen to come out as gay has certainly had an exciting year. The very month he revealed his true self, Gareth was voted top of the Pink List 2010 of the 101 most influential gay people in the United Kingdom. He also received Stonewall’s Hero of the Year award this past October.

It has just been announced that a film will be made about his life starring Mickey Rourke.

                                                      Time to get back in shape Mickey!

According to the South Wales Echo, Thomas told Rugby World magazine, “Mickey loves rugby and admires rugby people; the fact that you then drink beer in the bar with the guy you’ve just tried to smash."

Rourke has always wanted to make a movie based on rugby but he needed a central person or character, said Thomas. "He read my story and got in touch.”

Rourke says he plans to portray Thomas and the athlete said, “Some people have said he’s too old to play me at 58 but I think he’s the best man to play me.”

“My story comes from the inside,” he added. “It’s not a visual thing, and if anyone can play someone from the inside out it’s Mickey Rourke.

“I don’t know how to make a movie but I know how my life has been and I want it to be as true as possible,” Thomas said.

However, he added that he was not looking forward to returning to the “dark” place he was in before.

“To tell my story I will need to regress to that place. I’m not looking forward to it, but it’s something that I’ve got to do,” he said.

The truth is that I don’t want to go back, Thomas said. He explained that he has moved so far forward that he does not want to return to the dark place he was in.

“It’s hard to even think about it now because it’s like I’ve put up a brick wall. Unless I push really hard it won’t fall down."

The athlete said that he wants to write the script because he does not want to miss any part of its creation.

Thomas, who has become a fixture in anti-homophobia campaigns in sport, added, “I don’t want to do it, but it’s important that I do to help other people."

“If my life in the newspapers can help people, my life on screen can help millions more because it’s far easier to relate to something on screen.”

Take a look at this great interview the BBC did with him on Tuesday, HERE.

Whose story of coming out courage would like to see on the big screen?

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