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Ban the Salvation Army... and other gay news

Um, what? This poster from Chile has LGBTQ groups up in arms.

A troubling week of events have unfolded in gay news. First of all, as was reported here first, the United Nations General Assembly has voted to allow Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Queer (LGBTQ) persons to be executed without cause. It still has me reeling. To read more about it, visit the New Civil Rights Movement Blog.

Second of all, there's this horrifying story from Chile...

The government has begun a worthy campaign to stop violence against women. Kudos to that. But my issue is with the wording of their slogan: "Faggot is he who beats a woman!" (translated to English).

The campaign has the support of all the recently-rescued Chilean miners, who are apparently wearing t-shirts with that tagline. Nice, eh?

The Minister of the National Women's Service, Carol Schmidt Zaldivar, has said that she is "thrilled to have the backing of the miners, and hopes that this campaign can truly make a dent in preventing gender based is an example of unity and consensus that we as a country want to eradicate domestic violence in Chillean homes."

But wait a gay second. Isn't the act of calling men who do acts of violence against women faggots just replacing one act of violence with another? A number of LGBTQ groups in Chile certainly seem to think so, and they are urging the Chilean government to drop the campaign.

The activist group Soy Hombre Soy Mujer issued a press release stating that this campaign is only going to increase homophobia and anti-gay sentiment in Chile. Statistics show a nearly 600% increase in recent years of violence against the LGBTQ community.

Sign the petition to stop this now:

In Uganda, reports of LGBTQ people being attacked are coming in after the liberal and free thinking world was shocked beyond belief by an article in a local newspaper. 'The Rolling Stone' published 100 photographs of 'known gays' and asked readers to hang them.

See this story for some shocking details.

In holiday-related gay news, there is again a call to boycott donations to the very homophobic Salvation Army. I think their intentions to help those in need have always been evident, but any one group or organization that does not grant equal rights to all people and publicly discriminates and opposes the rights of the LGBTQ community can go look elsewhere for loose change– thank you very much.

Join the Facebook fan page to boycott the SA here, and watch this video for further details.


And finally, how about some good news? This report comes from Britain. The Sheffield Eagles Rugby Team has chosen to wear anti-homophobia jerseys at a game in February, 2011. (February happens to be LGBTQ history month in the UK). The uniform will have a bold slogan reading 'Homophobia– Tackle It!'

Sheffield players Corey Hanson and Mitch Stringer attended the press junket wearing the jerseys and announced that they are also planning to go into schools to discuss homophobia with students.

Corey Hanson, Sheffield Eagles.

Wow, I suddenly have my holiday glow back.

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