Just Between Us

Studio notes: on pricing painting

When it comes to pricing work, all artists seem to share a general sense of bewilderment. Basically, it's a crap shoot.

Painter Melanie Kobayashi talks about unlearning to paint at the Baron Gallery

Kobayashi will be giving her artist talk again this Sunday, July 8 at 1:00 pm at the Baron Gallery.

Get to know a busker: violist Thomas Beckman

Violist Thomas Beckman blames lack of communication for friction between Vancouver's buskers and City Hall.

To e- or not to e-(Book)

An author explores the pitfalls -- and unexpected benefits -- of publishing work in e-book form.

Going green, after a fashion

Clothes don’t make the man in Vancouver; his car does.

Remembering American poet Adrienne Rich

"It's in the writing of a poem that you find out what you're not saying." Adrienne Rich

After Japan's earthquake and tsunami, a shift in values

How to help the tsunami and earthquake victims? Before we can support each other, or at the same time, we need to heal ourselves, says one Japanese consultant.

Tahrir Square: the making of an Egyptian revolutionist

Nadeem Abdel-Gawad hopes to attend his college graduation in Cairo next month. But that depends on what happens in Tahrir Square this week.

Egypt’s revolution, one year later

In Egypt, people who took part in the people's revolution at Tahrir Square feel a mix of freedom and trepidation for the future.

Seeing Red: a play about American painter Mark Rothko at the Vancouver Playhouse

“What do you see?” demands Rothko. “And how does it make you feel?”
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