Spring rolls, steamed buns and salmon flambé at Sen Bistro

Photos by Kelly Jean Marion -- follow her at @kellyjean247

Vancouver has a surplus of Chinese restaurants, many of which serve Southern (Cantonese style) Chinese food. While you may not know what separates Southern and Northern Chinese food, they do differ a fair amount. 

In the North wheat and millet are the staple foods, while in the South rice is the staple food. The staple foods are determined by the climate as in the North they have long, cold winters that limit rice production. The Northern winters also force locals to preserve their meats which can sometimes produce an "odd" taste, often masked by "hot and spicy" dishes. 

Northern foods are usually boiled, braised, stewed, steamed, roasted, glazed, deep-fried, or stir-fried. More oil is used in stir-frying in Northern cuisine and the use of vinegar, garlic and spices are commonly used to develop the aroma and taste. In Southern cuisine they are blessed with an abundance of rice, fruit, vegetables, poultry and seafood, so they tend to emphasize the original flavors and aromas of the fresh ingredients.  

Last week I got a taste of China's North with a slight "modern" twist and a West Coast freshness.  

Chef Ru-Lin Zhang recently opened his second restaurant Sen Bistro at 1788 West Broadway. While his other restaurant, Lin Chinese Cuisine and Tea House, has been offering traditional Northern Chinese fare for seven years, Sen serves Northern Chinese dishes infused with a little personal flair. 

While staple items such as hot and sour soup and ginger beef are still on the menu, they also offer some unique dishes such as salmon flambé with oyster mushrooms and homemade hot-pepper sauce, and pulled pork and daikon stew.

At a media dinner on January 30th I sampled a variety of Chef Zhang's new menu items, leaving the restaurant stuffed to the rim and with a slight buzz.

Upon entering the restaurant we were offered a glass of St Hubertus Rose VQA as we snacked on the curry beef spring rolls and cumin lamb cubes. We had the opportunity to mingle with other guests while checking out the venue and getting to know the the kitchen staff, the managing team and the "quick on their feet", friendly, bilingual servers.

Beef curry spring roll

Cumin lamb cubes

As we took our seats we were treated to a hefty amount of food that came in every texture and shape you could think of, some of which I had before, many of which I hadn't. I sat with fellow food lovers, Mijune Pak (Follow Me Foodie), Cara Payne ( and Brian Smith (Urban Diner). Despite having a group of individuals with hearty appetites we were still unable to finish everything we were served. 

To quench our thirst, the food was paired with Cono Sur's 2011 Viognier, Yellow Tail's Pinot Grigio and Lucky Star's 1011 Pinot Noir.


Celery and dried scallop, chicken salad with spicy peanut dressing, pickled lotus roots

Broad bean and sherchai mash

Salt and pepper crunchy tofu

Chicken, enoki and shitake soup

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