Getting a sugar high at Tasting Plates Ultimate Desserts

Photos by Kelly J Marion -- follow her at @kellyjean247

What does it take to satisfy your sweet tooth? A piece of cheesecake? A mocha? Pie? How about all three, and then some? 

Van Foodster's recent Tasting Plates was themed Ultimate Desserts and, as it sounds, saw guests spending an afternoon eating their way towards a cavity. While you could sit in a candy shack or your favorite pâtisserie, this event had us moving from coffee shops to bakeries to restaurants. 

What felt like thirty people were registering for the event at Rocanini Coffee Roasters at the same time I was trying to - the place was packed! To evacuate the madness swiftly, me and my friend Karl (@mywinepal) grabbed our Tasting Plates Card and jet, vowing to return for a coffee when the place died down. 

Rocanini Coffee Roasters @ROCANINI

Our choice of:

• Kenya AA Kaiguri - Floral, lemon, peach, juicy, complex acidity and sweet
• Papua New Guinea Korgua Estate - intense floral notes, juicy body with a sweet tropical fruit finish.
• Colombia San Agustin Huila - rich, sweet, with citrus and chocolate notes, ending with a savory finish

As a coffee paired with chocolate lover I chose the Colombia San Agustin Huila which ended up totally different than I anticipated it would be, but worth a try.

I had never been here before, unaware that it was even there because it's tucked away on West 5th, but I have been to the Rocanini Coffee Shop in Steveston which stands out like a sore thumb for its modern look, pour-over coffees, and tasty eats. 

Beta 5 Chocolates @Beta5chocolates 

Chocolates, salted caramels, a chocolate mousse with smore toppings,  a raspberry parfait, and of course, cream puffs! I chose the salted caramel cream puff but had a bite of Karl's passionfruit cream puff and it won my vote.

The Bibo @TheBibo


Chocolate Brick

Chocolate Pizza

Tiramisu isn't my favorite because I like a little crunch in my dessert, but this one stood out because of the strong espresso flavour. I find that most taste creamy rather than having that beautiful coffee essence. The brick was crumbly, bitter sweet, and a unique treat. The chocolate pizza, unlike the others, is a simple concept, and yet tasted delicious. 

Vancouver Pie Hole @pieholevan

Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin Pie, Key Lime Pie, Maple French Toast Bacon Pie

I was most excited for the bourbon pecan pumpkin pie and for good reason - it's delicious and was the favorite of many. It's not even on the regular menu (yet), but I'll be back to try some of their savoury pies. 

Bella Gelateria @bellagelateria

Chocolate bourbon, limoncello, and (my favorite) toasted pecan gelato.

All of these flavours were made exclusively for the event! James Coleridge was working hard with his staff whipping it up and handling the rush from the event and the regular customers cooling down on the warm Spring day. 

Trees Organic @TreesOrganic 

New York cheesecake and Marzipan cheesecake (April’s feature flavour) with Coffee

The New York was nothing special and in my mind always needs a fruit coulis, but the marzipan was tasty and is a feature that might just stick around. They were generous portions so I was feeling full after eating half of both!

Bob Likes Thai Food @Boblikethaifood

Water chestnuts, tapioca flour, jackfruit, shaded young coconut,
coconut milk, syrup, pomegranate, crystal lime candy, and crushed ice.

While I didn't know what to think of a dessert from Bob's, they do everything else well so why not sweets? While I heard a few say it was too sweet, it was decided that it mattered what you ate before to determine too sweet or just right. Bonus points for unique and for a different texture in every bite. 

WE Coffee @WECoffeeInc 

We had a choice of one of the following beverages paired with a bite-size piece of WE’s power cookie or WE’s gluten-free cookie. I somehow managed to find a taste of their banana waffle.

1. Signature – Espresso or Macchiato
2. Traditional – 8 oz Latte or Cappuccino
3. 8 oz Mochachino
3. 8 oz Chai Latte with Soy / Almond Milk
4. Paris Tea / decaffeinated Peppermint Tea

I opted for the macchiato (espresso with a dollop of foam) and fortunately for me it was a traditional macchiato, not the Starbucks version. 

Want to take part in the next Tasting Plates in East Vancouver on Commercial Drive? Buy yours for the cheap pre-sale price of $24 here.

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