Vinyl, canapés and cocktails at Saving The Horn’s fundraiser gala

Vinyl, canapés and cocktails is what’s in store for those attending Saving The Horn’s All That Jazz event on Thursday. This black tie event is a fundraiser gala to raise awareness of their non-profit, while raising funds to support their inspiring initiatives to educate and assist those in the Horn of Africa.

Last week I chatted with Manda Webster, the newly appointed Marketing Director of Saving The Horn, about the event, the people involved, and the cause.

Why this type of event? Why a gala?

“I thought that it would be a great way to raise awareness, while giving people an opportunity to mingle at a fun and "jazzy" party.”

Is there a reason you chose to have it at Sheppard’s Pie Gallery? It seems a bit tucked away.

Sheppard's Pie Gallery is run by my good friend Emily Sheppard. She is a total sweetheart and she recently opened her new Gallery. It seemed to be a match made in heaven for this event.”

And Soul Kitchen playing tunes?

Soul Kitchen is another friend of mine. I have been listening to Soul Kitchen stream their live internet show every Wednesday and Thursday for months now. I love the tunes they play and I love even more that they play VINYL!”

Okay, so about the non-profit, who is the founder and why focus on the Horn of Africa?

“The founders name is Amir Yusuf. He started Saving the Horn last year. He was born in Eritrea and as a national he was allotted land there. Much of his family still lives there and he knows first hand the problems and the lack of education there.”

What are Saving The Horn’s short-term and long-term goals?

Short Term: “We need to raise $30,000 for the building contract there. That is our first goal to reach.”

Long Term: “He wants to build two buildings on the two acres of land (that he was allotted). One building will be for an orphanage/school for youth in which he desperately wants to offer study abroad programs. The other building will be Gezaghidei (which means house of ghidei or Momma) and will offer programs for mature women who want to study. On average, women in Eritrea don't have an education past Grade 3. Men, not much more than that either.”

So what’s your connection with it then? What drives you?

“I am so passionate about helping Amir raise funds because I believe that education really is the answer. Education in sustainability, the environment, and health.”

What is the biggest struggle you've had while organizing your first big event with this non-profit?

“The biggest problem is facing publicity for this whole event. Our web developers were supposed to have our website up months ago but the site now has many problems. Because of this we have to try to direct people to our Facebook page only, which is much more limiting than a website.”

Tickets for All That Jazz are $30 for one, or $50 per couple. They are available until Thursday and can be purchased at Rowan's Roof or through Amanda at  [email protected]. Also included in the ticket price is a gift from Maddox Timepieces, who has been a sponsor of Saving the Horn from day one.

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