Together forever: Heather and Sean tie the knot in final episode of Fourplay

Photos by Kelly Marion

We are gathered here together on this beautiful evening to share with Heather and Sean as they exchange vows of their everlasting love. May their marriage last longer than the average marriage in Canada. 

For four weeks we followed Heather and Sean through the stages of their relationship as they fell deeply and madly in love with each other. From Episode 1, where the two met and chemistry erupted, to Episode 2 , where the magic began, became love, and wedding proposals were on the table. Then we experienced Episode 3, a night of chaos as stag party and bridal shower ran the same schedule. Finally, we made it to Episode 4, the night of the wedding.

When we arrived at Salt Tasting Room, we were asked to pull a card from a box that would assign us to a certain role for the party. Some were in the wedding party, the bride’s mom and dad, the groom’s mom and dad, the maid of honor and bridesmaid, while others were friends of the family, high school friends of Heather’s, aunts, uncles or cousins. I was asked if I wanted a big role -- the groom’s mom -- but thinking I’d have to make up a speech for a couple I didn’t really know, I politely declined.

Later, I found out that the roles with speeches were already scripted and I was kicking myself for not taking it on. The man (yes, man) who took the mother's role did a wonderful job at playing the part, though. When it came time for speeches, it was to the room’s delight that most of the roles seemed to be sex-reversed: a definite entertainment value booster.

I liked that the couple that were assigned to be kids sat at the table to the side, just as they would in a real wedding. And these “kids” were definitely grown-up size.

Kids Table

Of course it wouldn’t be a proper wedding without a band. Orkestar Slivovic, a local Balkan band, perused the room playing and keeping the energy high in the room. They encouraged us to sing along, and dance (or sway) whenever there was a break in the evening, before and after the wedding. They kept the party going late and had nearly everyone on the dance floor, cutting a rug. At one point, we were even coaxed in to holding each other’s hands, forming a circle-- and no, not doing the cancan but some sort of Balkan jig.

Just as in the other episodes, the entertainment value and interactive element was prevalent, through the orchestra, and through Aunt Martha who stole leftovers from people and gave the newlyweds a very inappropriate set of dolls.

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