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Down and dirty at Fourplay

Photos by Kelly Marion

A couple's stag party and wedding shower at the same venue - on the same night?

Sounds like a recipe for disaster. Or maybe, one might say, a romantic recipe with 'spice.' That was the appropriately deemed theme for Fourplay's third episode - and without a doubt the interactive dinner theatre evening contained plenty of it.

The night began tamely, with the women meeting at trendy Gastown clothing boutique in Lynn Steven, where they helped Heather (the play's fiancée protagonist) choose her evening attire. After finding the perfect outfit, they strode down to Salt Tasting Room.

Once escorted to their table, chaos ensued: Heather and the gals discovered that Sean, her fiancé, was having his own stag party there. And in typical stag-style, there were burlesque dancers trotting around scantily clad amongst the men in the room. 

After a public - and then a much needed private discussion - the two were able to come to an agreement that they could make it work and would continue the evening in a joint party.  

The night progressed with entertainment from the tantalizing striptease trio from Razzle Tassle Tease (appropriately named April O'Peele, Melody Mangler and Violette Femme).

Interacting with the audience, they even gave an opportunity for the guests to try out nipple tassles for themselves. With shirts from both men and women thrown to the side and some bras strewn on the backs of chairs, the crowd was got naughty and the room was getting hot. Even fiancé Sean, with great delight to fiancée Heather, attached a set of pasties and shook what his mama gave him.

After a lot of shaking, the audience took their seats, returning their attention to the play - and to the food. First course: carrot and cabbage salad. With beautiful colors and a light dressing, it not only looked delicious but tasted so as well.

The second course: chicken skewers served with a test tube of peanut sauce to drizzle on top. Meat on a stick with a room full of burlesque dancers? Seems appropriate - especially with the beaker of 'special sauce' which evoked its preceeding "Scientist Stripper" act.

Dish three: a cut of halibut steamed with coconut milk with curry seasoning, wrapped inside a lotus leaf.

Unwrapping it, one could say, was like opening wedding reception presents. But real presents followed: the couple received blender after blender after blender from their guests - the only exception being a Magic Bullet, which is essentially the same thing.

The night would not be complete without the deliciously lewd music from The Wet Spots, a married couple whose songs about threesomes and experimental sex would make even the boldest blush a little.

The music (not to mention alcohol) set the mood for the performance to become just a little raunchier. The couple beside me (who had just met that night) ended up feeding each other chocolate, while another couple took it to the next level and started licking chocolate off fingers, faces and lips.

Even the play's to-be-weds Heather and Sean stood in front of their guests and fed each other chocolate. But if you thought the messiness would end there you were sadly mistaken! The tantalizing stripteasers busted into the crowd "whip-creaming" everyone and feeding bananas to open mouths.

The night was a treat, on many different levels, and remained consistently chaotic in such a beautiful way. I imagine it will be less tame at the wedding tonight, but there's only one way to find out...

For more images of Episode 3 of Fourplay click here.

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