Magic in the air at Fourplay, a dining/theatre experience like no other

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Even as all the magic was happening, I noticed that Sean and Heather still sat at the table gazing in to each other's eyes, hands clasped on the table. They didn't break focus even with the distraction of Travis and the audience throwing sass at him, which he threw right back. When the focus did bounce back to Sean and Heather the story began to piece itself back together. Conversation was scattered but stimulating, with focus on "sexting" and online dating profiles. Then there was a phone call from the cooler and a collaborative attempt to understand Sean's gift of a Hawthorne branch. The audience scrambled for their smart phones as they googled different explanations for the gift. Some mentioned were its power to ward off evil, or its symbolism for a family tree or also (my favorite), its use as an aphrodisiac with its odor that of an aroused woman. "Let me smell it," one man said, "I'll let you know." That's one way to get the audience involved.

The consensus of the Hawthorne branch's meaning was that it was an Ancient marriage proposal. And thus the story developed further.

During the play we were served 4 courses. The appetizer was a thoughtful sentiment ordered by Sean for Heather. "Since we're both nerds and foodies, I want to show you my love for you through food," Sean said sweetly. Luckily for him, this warranted a kiss. Since she's the apple of his eye the first course was an apple, walnut and celery salad that was crisp, savory and smooth and a nice start to the evening.

The second course was bangers and mash, a seemingly sexual dish but representative of her being his "peach" as there were peach pieces atop the meat. The dish was a wonderful medley of flavors and the kale was not only a nice visual touch but also enhanced it through texture, taste and nutrition. I wish it was twice the size though as I was pretty hungry at this point and it felt the size of a child's meal.

Next was a great mix of both hard and soft cheeses accompanied with grapes. Salt Tasting Room is known for their tasting plates so I wasn't surprised that at least one course would be cheese based, and I'm glad it was.

Finally it was time for dessert, which was a blueberry pastry. This sweet treat had a nice doughy texture in the middle which was balanced out by a crispy edge. A bit of both in a bite and you got the best of both worlds. Yum. 

The evening as a whole was wonderful and a nice break from the regular nights out at the theatre. Even if you've missed Episode 1 and 2 of Fourplay it's easy to pick up where things left off so don't be discouraged from checking out the 3rd and 4th. Once fully emerged in the play it will begin to make sense quickly. In addition you can follow Heather on twitter @hthr4ptharmony or search #Fourplay to get snippits of information from the series so far. Through twitter you can also interact with Heather and even offer suggestions on marriage if you feel so inclined.

Episode 3 is titled "Spice" to resemble the result of the stag party and the wedding shower being booked at the same restaurant at the same time. Although no magician will be at this play, there will be an equally entertaining burlesque troupe.

Come for a dinner, a play and a show Monday at 7:30PM. Tickets can be bought in advance or at the door, but they're selling fast, so act quick.

For more photos from the event view my gallery on Flikr.

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