In the days before my Sony Reader, I would spend hour upon hour exploring garage sales and used book stores for my next favourite author. This happened to be exactly what I was doing one summer holiday in Salmon Arm over ten years ago when I stumbled across my ultimate Pre-loved Paperback. The Vampire Diaries series by LJ Smith.

They were the perfect treasure displayed in the window of the local used book store and I just had to have them. Come September 2009, the world of prime time television will have them too.

Arriving September 10th to the CW and CTV, everyone who hasn't had the chance will discover the world of Elena, Stefan and Damon and will no doubt fall in love.

This wonderful book series was originally published in 1991, by LJ Smith and despite being published over ten years ago, has ridden the Vampire wave back into popularity again, being re-published with new covers. It has also spurred the release of a new series by the same author, Night World (I have a theory about best-selling authors with initials for first names: CS Lewis, JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien anyone?).

Starring Nina Dobrev from Degrassi: The Next Generation, this Buffy meets Twilight love-action-romance will captivate audiences everywhere as well as provide a more PG, parent-friendly option for those True Blood addicts.

I am absolutely thrilled to see my favourite Pre-loved Paperbacks adopted for the small screen. You will be sure to catch me re-reading all the Vampire Diaries books ahead of time to catch up (in ebook format of course).

Now that the season of weddings and garage sales is upon is, what is your favourite Pre-loved Paperback? Which characters would you love to see on the small screen?