World Cup: Trying to keep up on the road

Our annual summer holiday has interrupted our world cup to some extent. While we did plan the holiday to include the world cup we missed Portugal vs Spain. I was planning to watch it and held off hearing the result for quite a long time... but eventually glimpsed the word "Spain" on a tv in a sports bar in Missoula, Montana. We're in Missoula for a family reunion with the "other" side of the family.

We caught the Holland vs. Brazil game in the cafeteria at the Missoula KOA. An amazing game. Holland never looked like they were in the game. Brazil were completely in control in the first half and made the talented Dutch look pedestrian. In the second half a couple of disastrous moments from the young Brazilian midfielder Felipe Melo put the game unexepectedly beyond Brazil's reach. First an inexcusable foul up between Melo and goalkeeper Silva led to a headed own goal by Melo. This unsettled Brazil which conceded Holland's winning goal to Wesley Sneider on a poorly defended corner. Then, with Brazil clearly rattled, Melo petulantly stamped on Arden Robben's leg earning himself a red card and sealing Brazil's fate.

Now I'm off for a tour of Missoula hoping to catch the Ghana v Uruguay game at the Iron Horse....

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