Local art jewellery designers collaborate to create stunning works for Noh performer

Yayoi Hirano, mime artist, appears in her new production MEDEA wearing a magnificent neck piece specially designed for the production by three local jewellery artists.

The fascinating world of artist Manabu Ikeda

Manabu Ikeda decided to come to Vancouver when he received a scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Culture one year ago. He chose Vancouver, he says, because he wanted to see how people lived...

Kokoro Dance brings otherworldly performance to Wreck Beach

Kokoro Dance Wreck Beach Butoh performance is one of Vancouver's yearly summer events. I had the opportunity to photograph the rehearsal before the actual performance last month. It was a gray and...

Haida manga artist Michael Nicoll Yhagulanaas

Even before I knew who he was, Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas stood out in a crowd.

Active Michael Levin photographs stillness

Vancouver artist produces black-and-white images that are stark, severe and pared of all but the absolute essentials.

Shy, bold photographer Rick Legal

Rick Legal is relatively new to the Vancouver photography scene. His nude photographs are some of the most powerful images I have seen.

Solitary artist Wayne Ngan

He repeatedly said that what was most important to him was to explore his potential as an artist for the time left for him in this world, which he assumed would be about ten years.

Christopher Gaze has a perfect smile

Christopher Gaze was open, warm and down to earth, as well as being charming and attractive. He was also exceptionally photogenic.

Mime artist Yayoi Hirano is always moving forward

She was so professional that whenever I pointed my camera at her, she changed into a performer. In other words, I could not photograph her just as a friend, a woman or a regular person.

Kokoro Dance Wreck Beach performance

The Kokoro Dance Wreck Beach performance is the ultimate collaboration between dancers and nature.
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