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The value of fun in music

An audience photo from The Heritage Grill in New Westminster.

As a host of a local music radio program and as the emcee of a music night at Trees Coffee House I hear from a lot of musicians who are frustrated with Vancouver's music scene. They cite many issues that leave the ability to make a success of their music quite challenging. Much less often do I hear from people who are actively working to make the solutions that will help themselves make a career in the city. But, it sure is refreshing when I do. 

It is up to musicians, promoters, fans and venues to create their own healthy vibrant music scene as it will not materialize without any involvement. For those of us who are inclined to create the change we want to see, this series of articles outlines a vision of how a healthy Vancouver music scene can work.

Part 3: The Value of Fun

Fans, musicians and venue holders, what is music worth?

To the fan

How much do you think should be allocated for music as part of an entertainment budget?

If enjoyment is important to you I think maybe the value of good music is high. Or, If you like to dance, like poetry, or like a good show music ties into your kind of love.

I really don't know anyone, actually, who doesn't often feel better when music is present. And so, when we speak of the value of music maybe we are asking ourselves about the value of fun.

And so what is the value of your enjoyment?

We have the opportunity of a burgeoning local music scene, and this is why I ask. There are a lot of new local music spaces popping up in the Vancouver area like Vancouver Fan Club, Frankie's Italian Kitchen, Mr. Brownstone, all are three months old or less and are real quality spaces. There is something here to celebrate. If we think it's worth celebrating

Glenn Chatten performing from Frankie's Italian Kitchen

And so, do you want to have fun?

Please support these venues if you do.

To the musician

Before a musician seeks professional work, the question to ask is why would someone go to see what you do. Vancouver is full of skilled musicians, but is not skilled entertainers. And at least 60 per cent of every audience will not know the different between skillful and unskillful playing, and even if you're real good, at least 90 per cent of every audience will not care if you're not also entertaining.

So what's the product? And why would people want that?

Many artists think their naval is fascinating and really interesting to everyone else. And so they write about it, and they sing about it. And it isn't, not even if you're Shania Twain.

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Building a healthy local music scene

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