PR with the Vancouver Observer

PR with VO: FYI

We get it: you want your client's message to land with our readers in a meaningful way.

We're moving towards a model of community funding to maintain our fiercely independent environmental and political coverage. We don't believe in paywalls: we're proud of what we do and want as many people as possible to read our work. However, free as in speech is not free as in beer. High-quality research and reporting is expensive, and community support is crucial.

If you have a genuine message to deliver on behalf of your client, then let's get serious.  We will work with you to take the middle people out of the process, write your content as part of the VO "sponsored journalism" vertical, and publish it immediately. It's fast, smart, and won't break the bank. But we do charge.

Partnering with the Vancouver Observer isn't just good for your clients: you're also keeping independent media alive.