The Vancouver Observer won the prestigious Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) Excellence in Journalism award for small media tonight while CBC Radio One's The Current took the large media award. CJF celebrated this and many other victories in journalism tonight at their gala dinner in Toronto before a crowd of 500 people who paid $500 per person to attend.

"It's an honour to be here in this room among so many outstanding journalists. I’m humbled, and thrilled, and very grateful for this recognition of our hard work as a news organization," Vancouver Observer founder and editor-in-chief Linda Solomon said, upon accepting the award.

"The Vancouver Observer is an online daily run by a dedicated group of kick-ass women, and a few great guys. Even though we’re called the Vancouver Observer, our stories are often national. We break original  news  that engages audiences  across Canada and often far beyond," Solomon said.

"We’re lean, tough, and have a lot of fun doing what we love. Receiving this great honour from the Canadian Journalism Foundation makes me extremely proud of the truly effervescent team that brings the Vancouver Observer to life.

"Jenny Uechi, Alexis Stoymenoff, David P. Ball, Beth Hong, Zi-Ann Lum, Carrie Saxifrage, Emily Barca--these are the Vancouver Observer writers who reported the stories that resulted in this award.

"As a very young journalist I was lucky to cut my teeth, and benefit from the wise mentorship of John Seigenthaler at the Tennessean. John exemplified the ways in which reporters can really have impact as public servants. And he instilled in me the idea that good reporting and investigative journalism can help make a positive difference in peoples' lives. And I hope to do the same for the reporters who cut their teeth at the Vancouver Observer.

"Again, thank you so much, Canadian Journalism Foundation, for this honour. We are deeply grateful and completely energized by your recognition.

"We’re out to rock the world and we’re just getting started. Thank you."