What not to wear....please

A much-needed lament towards the worst fashion trends. 

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"Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It's movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we'd like to be."

-- Blair Waldorf "Gossip Girl"

With that said, it's daunting to witness some of the most atrocious fashion trends that have emerged over the years. What's more scary? The fact that some people take it upon themselves to design it or the fact that people actually wear them? You be the judge. 

Here's a much-needed lament towards some of the worst fashion trends as witnessed in Vancouver. 

Things you should never wear. Ever. 

Leggings/tights as pants.

It's simple, really. Just think of it this way. Leggings are pretty much the thicker version of tights. You wouldn't want to wear a shirt with tights now, would you? Unless of course, you want to venture into Lindsay Lohan-esque territory. 

Photo courtesy of ULUKGUD and Tragedies and Grievances in Fashion

Not only does it look terrible, but it's also very unflattering. It emphasizes the contours of your legs and exposes areas that are meant to be covered. Wear it the proper way and avoid overexposing your derrière and visible panty lines, please:

Photo courtesy of FashandMe

Ed Hardy.

There's just something about a jewel-encrusted and fire-enveloping skull that doesn't quite work. Christian Audigier developed Ed Hardy in 2004 and since then his apparel has branched off into swimwear, handbags, and shoes to name a few. 

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The bedazzled and tacky graphics are simply tasteless:

Photo courtesy of Details

You know you've hit rock bottom when you sport a trend that has been seen on the likes of Jon Gosselin, who supposedly served as the brand's ambassador. Christian Audigier, you owe fashion an apology. 

Half-shaved heads aka the Undercut

When R&B songstress, Cassie, showed up at the 2009 BET Awards sporting this new "do", many people were shocked at her drastic new appearance.

Photo courtesy of Banyangi Girl: My Cameroonian Heritage and The Cut

Shortly after, celebrities and models alike soon followed in her footsteps and this trend sadly took off. People have taken the creative route and also embedded designs onto the shaved portion... no matter how cool or awesome you think you look, you don't. You look like an idiot.

Hipster glasses

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Hipsters, by definition are ironic. With that said, wearing glasses as an accessory is one thing, but wearing glasses without lenses is just idiotic. This may be the current trend, but really, if you've gone through the effort of buying the glasses, why not get ones with lenses in them?

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Otherwise, what's the point?

Clothes that don't flatter your body type

Photo courtesy of Bare Magazine

Despite Hollywood's distorted view on beauty, there are many beautiful plus-sized and curvy women out there. With that said, being stylish doesn't necessarily mean that you have to wear specific sizes - especially if they don't suit your body type.

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It may be hard to find clothes that suit or accentuate curvier body types, but it also looks unflattering to wear certain styles that are either too tight or end up making you look frumpy. This doesn't mean that you have to refrain from looking fashionable.

As Giorgio Armani once said, "Accentuate your best features and disguise what you are not so happy with. Choose outfits that fit and make you look comfortable rather than those that are up-to-the-minute."

If you can't walk in them, don't wear it.

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We've all heard the saying, "you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?" Celebrities are frequently photographed strutting in heels even if they're running the most basic errands (i.e. the groceries), because let's face it, they're celebrities. 

Photo courtesy of Shoes and Senses

But honestly if you can't walk in heels, don't wear them. We all want to look our best and sometimes it's comfort over fashion, even to the most devoted fashionista. It's clear to others that you're in an incredible amount of pain, so why put yourself through that torture? Be sensible and pack a pair of comfortable shoes or pop out the Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats.  

Fashion is one of the most expressive forms that reveals who you are to other people. Though looks are by no means crucial, it's still important to maintain a presentable appearance while you're at it. And didn't someone once say that style is eternal, regardless of the countless trends that come and go?  

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