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Summertime and the DIY is easy

Bored? Get inspired with these fun DIY projects.

It's mid-July and the weather barely screams summer in Vancouver. Instead of lounging around all day watching re-runs of Project Runway, try out these simple and fun DIY projects.

Nailed it

Half-moon manicures have been the latest trends sparkling up the runways. Also known as the reverse manicure, it's a creative alternative to the traditional french manicure:

Photo courtesy of Savvy Selections

Things you will need: two colours of nail polish and reinforcements.

Depending on what colour you want your nails to be, start off with a base. This will be the colour of the half-moon.

Once that coat dries, place reinforcements where you want the half-moon to appear:

Paint the second colour starting from the reinforcement all the way to the tip of your nail.

Now for the fun part: when your nails are completely dry, peel off the reinforcement and enjoy your chic new look. 

Newspaper nails

Photo courtesy of Emily Divine

Things you will need: a base and top coat, nail polish (preferably a pastel colour), rubbing alcohol/vodka, cotton balls, and a newspaper. 

How to get the look:

1. Apply a thin layer of a base coat. This will protect your nails as you will use rubbing alcohol to transfer the ink from the newspaper.

2. Cut out ten strips from a newspaper that is large enough to cover your entire nail. Don't worry about the exactness of the shapes.

3. Choose a colour to paint your nails. (Pastel colours tend to work better because they are light enough to make the text appear on your nails).

4. Once your nails are completely dry, take a cotton ball and dip it into rubbing alcohol*. Dab the cotton swab (you could also dip the newspaper strip into rubbing alcohol) onto your nail and apply the newspaper strip to your nail:

Photo courtesy of beautylish

Press it firmly against your nail (as if you're applying a tatoo). Take the alcohol-soaked cotton ball and dab it over your nail again.  

5. After about ten seconds, peel the newspaper strip and repeat for the remaining nails. Since the ink is still fresh, wait a few minutes before finishing off with a top coat. Voila! You're good to go. 

*You could also substitute rubbing alcohol for vodka

À la fleur

Remember that gorgeous floral headband from Taylor Swift's Seventeen photoshoot?

Photo courtesy of Shine On

Well, you can get this exact headband in just two simple steps.

Things you will need: a hot glue gun, a large flower, and an elastic headband.

Before you start creating the headband, make sure you measure exactly where you would like the flower to be. The easiest way to do this would be to place the elastic headband across your forehead as depicted in the photo.

Now that you've figured out the placement of the flower, attach it to the elastic headband using the hot glue gun. 

Some flowers may have safety pins attached to the back (especially the ones from Aldo). They actually help secure the flower's placement on the headband. Attach the pin to the elastic. If you find that it doesn't stay in place, use the hot glue gun and apply it around the pin to lock it in place.

Wrap it up

A nod to Fendi's Cinderella Platform, follow these simple steps from Erika Domesek, the founder and creator of P.S. - I made this...

Photo courtesy of P.S. - I made this...

Crop it

Not sure what to do with that oversized t-shirt in your closet? Create a crop top:

Photo courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Cute and fun, it's certainly ideal for summer.

Things you'll need: an oversized t-shirt (if you're opting for a looser look) and fabric scissors.

Lay your shirt flat on a surface and begin cutting a slit in your shirt right at the middle of the neckline. (Remember that you're cutting only the front part of your shirt):

After you've made that cut, begin cutting around the neckline and do the same on the other side. It should look like this once you're done:

Following this, cut around the back of the neckline but don't cut too far down. Cut as close to the neckline as possible:

After that's complete, you're going to move on and start cropping the top. Make sure you measure how short you would like your top to be. (If you're feeling more modest about baring your belly, measure your top and cut it where it falls right below it).

And there you have it - this should be the final result:


Courtesy of Make your own Crop Top + Ways to rock them!

Have fun with these DIY projects. Hopefully, they'll cure your summer time blues. 

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