For Japa Dog owner Noriki Tamura, food vendor wasn't always on the career menu. He moved to Vancouver in 2005. That year, mini Japanese style hot dog carts started popping up around the city. As the lineups grew, so did the demand for more. The Terimayo became the most popular dog on the street. Hot Dog that is...

Vancouver to New York to...

Tamura loves it here. "It's a beautiful city. People are nice," his translator, Noriko Smith, said.

The 36-year-old worked as a sales associate at an advertising company in his native Japan, but his hobby's a little different. "I like trying different hot dogs," Tamura said. 

Now, Tamura's local food stand will have a location outside of Vancouver. Japa Dog is going to New York City and is set to open sometime this year. 

Still, he craves more. "I want to keep growing my business," Tamura said. He chose New York because it's such an intensely populated city, but... 

What's next?   

Next, Tamura hopes to open in L.A.

Like next year?

"As soon as possible," Tamura laughed. He feels fortunate, and wants to expand worldwide. It looks like Japa Dog is about to become a little more popular.