Friends: No Higher Form of Love

When you’re a kid, you make friendship bracelets. “Best friends forever,' til death," you promise your best friend.

In high school, you’re inseparable. “Best friends for life,” you sigh in the year books. You image a life where you live next door to your best friend, watching your children play with your best friend’s children.

Then, suddenly, you find yourself graduating, going different ways from your best friends. The days of sitting in the hall ways, chucking food at each other and checking out the cute boys that pass are long over. What now? Will the result be friendship drifting apart or staying afloat?

My friends and I faced the same problem two years ago, when we graduated from high school. We had started out as an inseparable, if somewhat chaotic (I believe not a day in high school went without my friend, Piraba, and I arguing), group of four but by the end of our graduating year, we’ve grown to six.

With graduation, we saw ourselves drift in different directions: we had been a diverse set of kids, with few common interests (except for the love of hockey, which most of us either played or watched ritually).

Our group consists of an aspiring journalist, fashion designer, nurse, and police officer, with the other two undecided. Now, this would be the cue for us to drift apart, leaving behind the nostalgic memories.

Not us.

It’s been two years and we’re still good friends.
Yes, we’ve found other friends but we still remain close to each other.

Our secret?

That would be credited to my fashion designer friend, Piraba. She came up with the brilliant idea of “months.”

Each month of the year would “belong” to one of us and with our months, we were to plan an event or activity. This way, we would manage to try out something new together.

The first month belonged to Liz, our rock music loving friend. She’d heard of a festival going on in Whistler, packed with concerts every day for the duration of the event.

We rocked off to a free outdoor concert and spend hours talking on the bus ride to and from Whistler.

This was quickly followed by a taste of theatre sports, a day out at the beach, Gilmore Girls style movie night (tons of movies alongside tons of junk food) and a various different activities.

Next up on our list?

I’m actually not sure. We have our annual Christmas dinner and party (Piraba likes to make us all cute little stockings) and perhaps watch the Nutcracker, something we’ve put on our list each year but back out after hearing the ticket prices.

Whatever we do, we’re going to have fun.

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