Van Go: Movers and Shakers Celebrate Year End at Fab Party

by Linda Solomon
The location is the Watermark Restaurant on Kits Beach. The hosts are: Richards & Chan, Communicopia,Give Meaning, Stratcom, Tides Canada, and Renewal Partners.

The Watermark has been transformed into the hottest club in Vangrila.

“Private Event,” reads the sign on the front door. The dress is fabulous, the people are fabulous, and if you are reading this article, you are fabulous.

“It’s my favourite party,”[therapist and business consultant] Deena Chochinov told me, on a break from dancing. Deena wore a sleeveless, hip hugging dress, and dusted sparkling gold make up onto her chest. She then offered some to my sister-in-law, Hollyhock CEO Dana Bass Solomon, and, after Dana had used it, to me. We all felt a little more celebratory, as if being at a private holiday party at the Watermark Restaurant on Kits Beach wasn’t wonderful enough, even without the gold dust.

Now that I had my glitter going, I said hello to a few people I knew, and set out to meet a few I didn’t know. I started by saying hello to Carol Newell, who founded Renewal Partners and was one of the party’s hosts. She was welcoming guests with her trademark smile and full-bodied laughter. Carol, who cuts an elegant figure, was recently inducted into the Order of Canada.

“Carol Newell's generosity is extraordinary and inspiring,” the Order of Canada’s website says. “At 21, she received a vast inheritance and decided to keep only a modest portion for herself, vowing to give the rest away during her lifetime. Philanthropy has become a full-time job since the creation of the Endswell Foundation and the establishment of the Renewal Partners Company, which provides venture capital to socially responsible and environmentally sustainable companies. For years, she carried out these activities anonymously but then decided to go public, launching a campaign to convince others to give. A formidable role model, she encourages others to share both their wealth and vision for a better world.”

Moving along from Carol, I chatted with Patricia and Rudy North. I knew a little about Rudy. I knew he was an important figure in Vancouver investment management world and a dedicated conservationist and community leader. When I got a chance to google him, I found out that he was President and founder of North Growth Management Ltd. According to the North Growth Management website, Rudy started the company in 1998 with one Fund, the USA Equity Fund, and the desire to manage money according to his “growth at a reasonable price” a philosophy that he had been using and developing for over three decades. Ross McMillan, the new President of Tides Canada Foundation, joined us. The conversation turned to Ross’s recent move to Vancouver from the Tofino area and the adjustments he and his family were making.

I went to get a glass of wine and on the way back met Ron Williams, who told me about his interesting new online green venture, and what it does (“designed to leverage the collective knowledge of our community to create an indispensable new resource for bringing about change”). I then set to trading stories with his partner, Rebecca Ephraim, who runs Shared Vision Magazine. We did a little journalistic shop talk, and I got a chance to tell Rebecca how beautiful her covers have been looking. I mean it, folks. Have you checked out the magazine’s green parenting cover this month or those[gorgeous portraits photographer Jamie Kowal does in the magazine?]

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