Myth of Declining Numbers

Vancouver, September 6, 2006---Despite the Vancouver Sun's article yesterday on "declining enrolment" in BC schools, my son still doesn't have a school due to the catchement school being filled to capacity.

As of today, the secretary of Edith Cavell says, there are 12-13 children waiting for places at the school. Emily Carr, the "spillover school", is also working with a waiting list.

The Vancouver School Board admits its their fault he doesn't have a place.

The manager of the office where I signed Eli up the first week of last June told me as much. The paper work simply hadn't gotten from VSB's 45th Street office to Edith Cavell, the school in my catchement.

Thanks to this, my child has been "prioritized." He is at the top of the waiting list at Cavell. And the list, the secretary informed me this morning, is not tiny.

Whoops! What happened to the funding that might have provided enough space and teachers for all the kids who want an education close to home? Is the Declining Numbers story just a bunch of government spin?

I'd like to check the numbers in all of the Vancouver schools. It's just that my son doesn't have a school and requires so much of my attention, I don't have the time.

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