June 23, 2006
As missiles fly between Israel and the Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia, America the Embolder is standing by. Or is it?

It is easy to imagine Karl Rove manipulating events from the White House, working out a domino-effect strategy, where the newly unleashed Iran will be provoked out of hiding from behind the conflict to the forefront, Syria will follow, and it will be "imperative" that the United States jump into the conflict by taking control of whatever it can of the Middle Eastern spoils.

The Rover has been a dedicated advocate of war as political strategy and with the November mid-term elections coming up in the US and things in Iraq not looking so hot, something has to happen to ensure the Republicans maintain control over the House, the Senate, the Presidency and the Supreme Court.

God forbid America should return to it's old system of checks and balances that have perpetuated Democracy for the last two hundred years. That would be dangerously stabilizing for the right wing administration whose fuel is fear and a trumped up sense of instability that allows it to dictate agenda to a frothed up populace.

Meanwhile, with the Hillionaire surpassing the 25 million mark for fundraising in preparation for a 2008 presidential bid , Dynasty may be the prerequisite for attaining the American presidency. Birthright bodes dimly for America's future, making Jeb, the president's glib Floridian brother, next in line to wear the fool's cap of Republican leadership and preside over the next chunk of up for grabs history.

It would seem the human family could have a broader future. But who is going to take us there?

After attending a party on Queen Elizabeth Plaza for Hollywood North last night, I walked with friends up Hastings Street at 1:30 a.m. It was a Saturday night and an interesting stroll. I saw bodies disfigured by heroin and crystal meth and though the drug abusers might be killing themselves they were engaged in their own weird culture and not hurting anyone. They looked at me and my friends, dressed for the party, like when will the yuppie-chic and dudes be moving along?

We stopped by a needle sharing facility that just lost its funding, thanks to Prime Minister Steven Joseph Harper's decision to allow program funding to expire by the fall.

For a former New Yorker, Vancouver's eastside is not very threatening. I have always thought that this was thanks to the profound difference in social policy between Canada and the US. Canada, to an American's eyes, takes much better care of its entire population, including the disenfranchised.

In cultivating better relations with the Bush administration, Harper may trading the welfare of the weak away for the enrichment of the already rich. The end of the needle-sharing program on Hastings may be a harbinger of other such Bush-style trade-offs designed to make Canada and the United States more identical twins than distinct, if wary, siblings.

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