Friends of the Earth calls for investigation into silencing of Canadian salmon scientist

Is Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) working to silence a scientist responsible for uncovering the widespread infectious salmon anemia (ISA) in salmon and trying to cover-up a disease that threatens wild Pacific salmon in British Columbia?

Friends of the Earth Canada has called for an independent investigation after the federal agency asked the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) to strip the reference lab certification status from Dr. Frederick Kibenge's, researcher who has played a key role in investigating ISA in salmon from BC, lab at the Atlantic Veterinary College in PEI, one of only two laboratories in the world recognized for its ability to detect ISA in infected fish.

"We are concerned about efforts to silence a scientist who has played a leading role in uncovering the widespread infectious salmon anemia (ISA) in salmon. Given the CFIA's recent experience with XL Foods Inc. and E. coli, you would think they would pay close attention to this warning of the ISA virus in salmon," said Beatrice Olivastri, CEO of Friends of the Earth Canada, in a press release sent to us by the environmental organization.

"We believe Dr. Frederick Kibenge's work should have been welcomed, and strategically used in informing CFIA's own surveillance work to protect wild salmon rather than hide the extent of the spread of the ISA virus," said Olivastri in the press release. "This can only be a witch hunt against someone who doesn't agree with the government line, and is suffering from the government's bullying."

Decertification of the lab would reduce Canadians' ability to know about the presence of this disease in salmon. It would  have international ramifications, they said, as people from other countries also send samples to the lab.

The request for investigation, or petition, is addressed to the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development and to the Office of the Auditor General of Canada.

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The silencing of our scientists in Canada and the provinces is continuing apace, and seems to be accelerating thanks to the paranoia of the Federal government and some of the provincial governments like BC's which is so aligned with the Feds.  It is obvious that they despise - and even fear - scientists who raise issues and concerns that do not correspond with the ideology and linear thinking of those presently in power. So their tactic is to shut the scientists up and then shut them down, just as they are trying to do with charities, non-profits, environmental groups, women's organizations inter alia.  Passively we, the general public, are allowing that to happen. Perhaps it is because we are witness to or part of the "slowly boiling frog syndrome" - we can't or still don't believe that our duly elected governments would show so much disdain and disrespect for democracy and the electorate that they would dismantle many of the institutions which Canada and Canadians have built up over the years, including our internationally respected scientific institutions and scientists.  Well, it is time for all of us to hop out of the water and join forces with F.o.E and other environmental and social organizations to stop the governmental bullying and sacrificing of our environmental, social,and scientific institutions, and of the fact-finders in any profession. It's a pity that none of the Conservative or Lib-Con (BC) back-benchers have the courage of some of their forebears to stand up against the bullies in their own parties, on the basis of principle and compassion. Only the electorate right now can persuade them to change their minds!

The Nazi Fascists did win

Nationalism becomes fascist by design in order to perpetuate the inherent inequity that is essential to Capitalism. Your article would be familiar in Nazi Germany. 

But it is worse than you describe.

Notice that the police are out of control, acting like gangs, in fact the police coordinate with the underworld by forming allegiances or by inserting agents. Why do no Politicians ever speak out against the mayhem? They rely on the police to dominate specific opponents and outspoken critics and they themselves also live under a cloud of fear and insecurity too, of alienating the police. Capitalism loves war.

When a culture arrives at its logical economic extremis, those who depend on the banks conspire at the highest levels to protect their turfs, just the way gangs do and thats their justification for using process unfairly, as with Fish Science and so with the Pipeline agenda. Do not think for an instance that far worse isn't being done in the Oil business. You saw the poor ducks but have you seen everything? 

When Politicos go bad and cops are kicking citizens in the face they have adopted the Fascist ethic, which is more addictive than crack. The dungeon door creaks open for the Angel of Death to ascend from hell to harvest innocent victims such as the Picton girls and those here on the Highway of Tears. Has anyone counted the missing men and boys? 

But what can be done? 

You can't drop out like the Hippies did in the 60's and endure the coming economic cataclysms as Earth Families because the world is completely denatured. You might take your lesson from the fall of Rome and would be on the right track but do you want to sacrifice yourselves the way the Christian Martyrs did? 

Speaking of those Christians as I do, you might take another peek at the Revelation, especailly Chapter 16, verse 12 which directs your attention to the Kings of the East. If you orient yourself to the problem of fascism then it becomes clear that, even though you are critics of modernity, you have not considered the option of denouncing Nationalism as a failed model of order. Try doing that and you enter the realm of real fascism. You naively believe in Democracy with not single doubt but is it not majority rule that enables the application of fascist policies in the name of those who purport to be the essence of that system, the industrialists. 

Fortunately the Revelation predicts the abrupt end of the Nation State with restoration to the overall Biblical agenda at my return in company of the Three Kings. My project is advancing to the Thermidor stage when criminal conduct of your National masters catches them on their own petards.

The Maya have it right. The evil world is about to collapse allowing the Cross to rise again. I love to misquote Leonard Cohen: "There is a Cross in everything, a Cross in everything, a Cross in everything; that's how the truth gets in, thats how the truth gets in," thats how the Meek will win!

Stay on them. Heaven is with us. 

The plan is afoot on the face of this Province. 

The Totem Pole is the Cross's Twin

If you believe in truth, beauty and justice you need to believe in the Totem Pole.

Rome fell in a day when no effective alternative culture was present and the western world fell too, into the 1500 year Dark Age. that wont occur this time; life will either end or will rise to its highest plane of civilization since before the Flood. 

Fortunarely Heaven, and not hell, is in charge. it is all on schedule. 

Reveiw Exekiel 37: the valley of Dry Bones describes the age when a walking dead population begins to find its flesh coming back to life by discovering what the Cross and the Totem mean. 

Potlatch follows the dictum of Jesus: "share my bread and share my wine that your community always shares my glory.

Help comes from this Province to the whole world. 

fascism and religion

Kitsilano Wilps Haaxw, LaaxSal; Haida wrote:

Speaking of those Christians as I do, you might take another peek at the Revelation

Your political analysis was quite good, but your appeal to religion is totally unnecessary and misguided. So misguided that  you appear to equate yourself to Jesus when you write "...restoration to the overall Biblical agenda at my return...".

Fascists always use religion as a control mechanism. The last thing enslaved humanity needs are religious facists who would chain humans to their dogma. And Jesus just might be the biggest fascist of all, if you read the bible literally.




Arbitrarily / Wrongfully Imprisoned , Maliciously Prosecuted, tortured assaulted, prohibited from driving , prohibited from working. Prevented from running in elections. Prohibited from owning patents. With no avenue of redress! 


to silence this ................


We need to replace the fossil fuel power plants, the primary source of GHG. Now!

At a scale required to accomplish this task :

Ethanol starves people : not a viable option.

Fracking releases methane : not a viable option.

Cellulose Bio Fuel Uses Food Land : not a viable option

Solar uses food land : Not a viable option

Wind is Intermittent : Not a viable option

All Human and Agricultural Organic Waste can be converted to hydrogen, through exposure intense radiation!

The Radioactive Materials exist now, and the Organic waste is renewable daily.

Ending the practice of dumping sewage into our water sources.

Air, Water, Food and Energy issues, receive significant positive impacts .

Reducing illness / health care costs as well !

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