Pro-oil blogger Vivian Krause makes her case at BC mining industry lunch

Vivian Krause and her work are welcomed with open arms by mineral exploration industry.

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Pro-gas fracking government turfed in New Brunswick election

Rally at NB Legislature, May 13, 2014 to protect forests, photo by Stephanie Merrill, NB Media Co-Op
Skeed Borkowski, owner of the Northern Lights Lodge near the Mount Polley mine

"It's gone": Imperial Metals' Mount Polley tailings spill disrupts future of local fishing lodge

“I planned on dying here,” Skeed Borkowski, owner of the Northern Lights Lodge, said. “But not from drinking the water.”
Mount Polley, tailings pond, drinking water, mercury, arsenic, Imperial Metals

No start date in sight for Imperial Metals' Mount Polley spill cleanup

Sludge from the Imperial Metals Mount Polley mine tailings pond still clogs what used to be Hazeltine Creek and extends out into Quesnel Lake. No cleanup date is set.
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Tanker traffic

Why are there protests about shipping resources out, but indifference to conflict oitankers shipping crude oil into Canada as they do now just about every day on BC's west coast?

Because people don't know

Because people don't know enough about it.  Please write about it for us.

The people funding

The people funding environmental NGOs are making billions daily keeping the conflict oil flowing in.  It's a drop in the bucket to throw a few million at well meaning environmentalists and manipulate them.  There has not been a tanker spill since before the year 2000 because Canada has learned from the mistakes. It's better to ship out Canada resources and inject Trillions into the Canadian economy than continue to give billions to dictators who can't be taxed, sued, or forced to clean a spill.  All efforts should be made to pipe and ship Canadian oil safely.  No country has stricter environmental laws or safety standards.  Good people are being bought off cheap and doing the dirty work of dictators.

False dichotomy

There seems to be a great deal of debate around "conflict oil" vs. "ethical oil", but I think this rhetoric misses the mark. I agree that environmentalists could be labelled as hypocrites for using petroleum products in their day to day lives while at the same time rallying against the tar sands. But it is unsustainable to continue building up our whole energy infrastructure around oil & gas. This just further entrenches our society in an unhealthy dependence on fossil fuels. Instead we could be boosting our new energy economy and directing investment into the development of clean, renewable resources. We should be fueling innovation and restructuring our communities, rather than fueling the tar sands.

 Vivian Krause is a BRILLIANT


Vivian Krause is a BRILLIANT researcher and writer in matters concerning ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES.

Over the past year, Krause has single-handedly TERRORIZED the Environmental-Terrorists by EXPOSING IRREGULARITIES, MISAPPROPRIATION, and SQUANDERING of money used by their organizations in Canada.

Krause’s articles EXPOSED the funding and the science behind RADICAL and SUBVERSIVE Environmental-Terrorist campaigns.

Vivian Krause should be BEATIFIED for TERRORIZING the Environmental-Terrorists.

Krause serves a FAR GREATER PURPOSE than ANY Environmental Activist Organizations.

Environmental Activist Organizations exist for one reason and one only  ...  and that is to MAKE PROFIT.


We are living in the 9|11 Era of Enviro-Lunatic Profit-Hungry Terrorism !

For more information about ENVIRO-PROFIT, please go to the following web-page  ...

For more information about ENVIRO-CARNAGE, please go to the following web-page  ...



NORAHG is the National Organization Responding Against HUJE that seek to harm the Green space industry.

RAVING CAPITALISTS... indoor voices please.

WILL and NORAH, your writing style pretty much embodies the central problem with our current capitalist mentality in Canada. We're more and more becoming an angry and aggressive petro-state that will SHOUT the same political rehetoric at the top of our lungs to try and quash dissent and silence anyone with differing opinions. You are allowed your own particular views—as we all are in a free country—but try responding in a respectful manner. Easy on the CAPITAL LETTERS and EXCLAMATION MARKS!