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Jan 1st, 2014
For towns in the 20-mile evacuation zone around the Fukushima plant, the 2011 quake is a disaster that never ends.
Nov 23rd, 2013
No risk to public health, Japanese nuclear company TEPCO maintains.
Nov 4th, 2013
An older, divorced, dark-skinned woman is portrayed as the blushing bride in a bold new ad that has been making waves in India.
May 4th, 2013
People's Daily building: This had to be on purpose.
Mar 30th, 2013
Unlike the bagel head "trend" awhile back, this one's the real deal: Japanese high school girls (and guys) have an online trend of performing "Makankousappou" ( often tweeted as...
Mar 18th, 2013
Hey CNN, China's actually not the world's second most drink-loving nation.
Mar 12th, 2013
Is this the beginning of the end for China's English frenzy?
Mar 4th, 2013
With deep uncertainties looming in the future for the stability of China's rise, it seems some in Beijing have forgotten the foremost lesson of Deng Xiaoping's development project.
Feb 26th, 2013
The company cites Chinese politics and economy as a reason why the deal may not end up as planned.
Feb 19th, 2013
A BC First Nation formally launches its campaign against the FIPA deal.