Five reasons to go soul searching in Campbell River, B.C.

Campbell River may not make the top 10 list of destinations in British Columbia, but this small island community has its own way of drawing in visitors.

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The Big Rock in Campbell River, B.C. is a local art project with a fascinating scientific and First Nations history. Check out the full article on National Observer to learn more about local legends surrounding the rock. Photo by Elizabeth McSheffrey.

Okay, so perhaps the term ‘soul search’ is a little over the top. Then again, so were my first thoughts when I arrived in the quaint community of Campbell River — if I were ever to write a gripping novel of love, loss, or personal discovery, I would want to write it here. 

This isn't because Campbell River is particularly fascinating subject matter, but because being there brings forth a kind of inward creativity I find stifled by the pace of modern urban living. There is a certain kind of peace that comes with solitude, and if you've never travelled alone, I highly recommend giving it a whirl. 

Campbell River is a small city on the east coast of Vancouver Island and a good place to start your introspective adventure if you don't want to wander too far from home. It's the kind of place one goes to stare out a window and watch the rain drop over a frothy cup of joe, or sit on a bench by the ocean and watch the waves crash into the shoreline as the mind wanders freely.  

In other words, Campbell River is the kind of place one goes to to be in the company of one’s own thoughts — to write, to read, to reflect. Visit National Observer to read my top five reasons to go 'soul searching' in Campbell River while the city is quiet during the winter months.


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