The Walking Dead S04E01 recap and review: Spoiler alert

Does the zombie apocalypse mean the end of morality? How many zombies can you fit on a rooftop? 'The Walking Dead' asks the big questions.

'The Walking Dead' S04E01: '30 Days Without an Accident' recap

Welcome back to the zombie apocalypse, and an American wasteland where nobody remembers how to ask follow-up questions. This is the recap and review for “The Walking Dead” S04E01, titled “30 Days Without an Accident”. Anyone else get the impression that the counter is about to get flipped back to zero?

When S03 ended, former sheriff’s deputy (and Hootsuite CEO)  Rick Grimes led the former residents of Woodbury back to the prison, thus stocking the survivors' camp with a fresh supply of red shirts. Meanwhile, the Governor is still running around out there somewhere.

Major spoiler alert by the way. Okay, let's go.

The farm team

We open at the prison, as Rick gets started on a day of... gardening. Months have passed since last season's finale, and the prison yard has been transformed into a hipster's paradise of sustainable vegetation. Rick is listening to some relaxing music, probably just to drown out the constant drone of the undead: walkers are stacked up against the fence like One Direction fans.

By the way, the song Rick listens to is "Precious Memories", by the Stanley Brothers.

As he digs, Rick discovers a buried handgun. He picks it up, checks the magazine, considers the herd of walkers at the fence, then throws the gun into his wheelbarrow.

Carl catches up with his dad and they take a look at the pig pen. Because they have a pig pen now. One of the pigs is sick. Carl calls her Violet, but Rick warns him not to name their future meals.

The Daryl Dixon fan club

Daryl is the post-popular guy at the prison. Apparently he's been recruiting survivors and hunting game. The prison population loves Daryl as much as "Walking Dead" fans love Norman Reedus. Daryl has clearly bounced back from his brother Merle's death/reanimation/second death.

So, have Daryl and Carol hooked up? It sure looks that way and so the zombie apocalypse loses its most eligible bachelor. Daryl's number-one fan is a kid named Patrick, who kind of looks like Harry Potter and speaks in a rather stilted manner in thanking Daryl for the deer he recently brought back.

Yeah, he really said that. Daryl obliges, but not before licking his fingers clean. Heh.

Also, some rando named Zack (Beaver from "Veronica Mars") has hooked up with Beth. Oh, and there's a well-dressed young man named Bob, who just showed up at the prison last week.

Meanwhile, Tyrese is doing well for himself. Not only has he already set the record for most lines spoken by a black character in "Walking Dead" history, he's also hooked up with Teen Wolf's mom. However, he really hates killing the walkers that press up against the prison fence.

Tyrese is going to mix it up a bit by going on the supply run with Daryl, because nothing bad ever happens during supply runs.

Oh, and Carol calls Daryl "Pookie". For real.

Meanwhile, Glenn and Maggie are lying in bed. Glenn doesn't want Maggie to go on the next supply run. Maggie says that everything will be fine. Glenn is like, "Uh, we're in a show called 'The Walking Dead'. How 'fine' can things possibly be?"

Michonne rides up to the prison astride a horse, sword slung across her back like this was Lord of the Rings. Just when you thought Michonne couldn't get any more badass.

Michonne has brought Carl a bunch of comic books, but wants to read them when he's done.

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I should totally sue the shit out of Carol for reading my life story without bothering to give me royalties. Did any lawyers survive the zombie apocalypse? Can anyone even tell the difference?

Over all I enjoyed this episode. Yes it had some dialogue-heavy, 'Will-you-just-shut-up-and-move-on-already-before-I-get-Miss-Piggy-in-here-to-karate-chop-you-to-the-floor-even-though-she-is-made-entirely-of-felt' moments. But those are necessary to establish character traits and of course this is the first episode we have had in quite awhile, so anyone 'new' to the show now at least gets a better idea of why Rick is acting like he just sniffed glue and ate bad cheese and why Tyreese is acting like such a pussy. Guess after the forecast brought Walker Rain to the area that Tyreese will be holding a big sign reading "WILL DO FENCE DUTY FOR FOOD." 

Clara was a sub plot because in episodes like these it is typical to have an 'A story' and a 'B story.' Sometimes the 'B stories' don't do so hot. This time it was great. But when I first saw her I thought she looked like a Jim Henson puppet or maybe someone who just found out the government had been shut down. Still the acting was great and I was surprised that Rick didn't just blow her away with his gun. I mean didn't he see Blair Witch Project? Never follow anyone or anything in the woods that looks like a starving witch. Ever. 

Three out of four stars and that's mostly for Walker Rain.




Agreed with the review up

Agreed with the review up until the praise for Season 3, which felt like a cartoonish, high-school play complete with the mustachio-twirling villain. The run scene I also thought was poorly written. I may be the only one hankering for the good ol' days of Season 1/2. Season 3 (and premiere of Season 4) just, unfortunately, do not do it for me. But...sigh...I'm loyal and will continue to watch for now.