Breaking Bad S05E14 recap and review: Major spoiler alert

Breaking Bad S05E15: 'Ozymandias'. Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction, too.

'Breaking Bad' S05E14: 'Ozymandias' recap and review

Welcome back, meth heads! Here you'll find the recap and review for "Breaking Bad" S05E14, titled "Ozymandias". My digital cable listing summarizes it thus: "Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances." Uh, thanks. When we last left Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, they were not exactly having an A1 day. They're caught in the middle of a gunfight, but there's a silver lining: it's a gunfight between the worst marksmen in New Mexico.

At least Hank Schrader and Gomez can return fire, while Walt and Jesse have to sit tight and hope the neo-Nazi rednecks' bullets don't figure out that they can penetrate car doors. Jesse just regained the ability to call people "bitch", too. Let's see how our anti-heroes get out of this one... if all of them even do. Spoiler alert, obviously.

Okay, let's cook.

Good golly, miss Holly

We start not with a bang, but with a flashback. Walt (with hair and sans pants) is cooking with Jesse for the first time. Walt is impatiently describing chemistry to a bored Jesse: exothermic reactions are those which give off heat and heavy-handed metaphors. Jesse is like, "Put me into a coma, why don't you..."

While Jesse goes for a smoke, Walt rehearses his first-ever meth-related lie. He then calls Skyler, launching into some cockamamie excuse for why he'll be late. Skyler, who's busy packing a terrifying ceramic clown for an eBay buyer, is like, "Whatever, look, just bring home some pizza." This was back in those innocent days when pizza didn't end up on the roof.

During this otherwise-banal conversation, Skyler and Walt discuss Holly for the as-yet-unborn baby girl's name. Walt admits that "Holly" is growing on him. Almost like... a plant.

Walt-from-the-past fades out, as does the RV, replaced by the gunfight tableau of the present.

187 on a cop

The shooting stops. Hank is hit in the leg, and he's out of ammo. Gomez still has some rounds left in his shotgun, but unfortunately he's dead. RIP, Gomie.

Hank crawls for the shotgun, but he's intercepted by Uncle Jack. Just as Jack is about to execute Hank, Walt kicks up enough of a fuss that Todd has to pull him from the back of the SUV. Walt then begs for Hank's life, admitting that the DEA agent is his brother-in-law and offering the neo-Nazis his barrel money in exchange for Hank's life. $80 million. Wow. Is that another Walt lie? Does he actually have less than that? Or more?

When Jack asks Hank if they have a deal, he replies like a boss: "My name is ASAC Schrader, and you can go fuck yourself!" He tells Walt he may be the smartest guy he's ever met, but he was too thick to notice that Jack has already made up his mind. Too tough things to admit.

Jack shoots Hank in the middle of his final speech.

RIP, Hank Schrader.

Jack may be a neo-Nazi redneck, but he's smart enough to know that the co-ordinates Walt gave him are those co-ordinates. Naztache has an app for that, and before long they're digging up the barrels of Blue Sky cash. Hank and Gomez are dumped into the hole and buried. The unmarked hiding place is now an unmarked grave.

Jack orders all but one of the barrels to be loaded into the redneck pickup. That last barrel? It's for Walt: "What's with all the greed? It's unattractive."

If you're wondering why Jack didn't just kill Walt, well, he'll tell you. Todd basically worships Heisenberg, and would never forgive Jack if he killed the legend. He makes Walt promise that they're square. Walt promises.

Then, eyeing Jesse hiding beneath his black Chrysler, Walt reminds Jack that he still has a hit to carry out.

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Chemistry is the study of transformation.



I agree - Walt is a dead man - tonight's episode was brilliant television.  

BB building

Jordan's writing continues to impress with keen insights and humor.  What BB accomplishes is remarkable:  A series with writing and acting that increases with each episode.  It is going out with a flourish.  Nice work, Jordan

im kinda tired of all this

im kinda tired of all this walt hate. the only people walt ever killed were people who were going to kill him or his family (jesse included) or send him to prison where he will also likely die. even then he did it as a last resort every time. hell, the man was even ready and willing to lose all his money to save his brother in law that wanted to see him rot in prison. he was betrayed by jesse and we all know snitches get stitches. skyler was more okay with it than him. he didnt even want to til he found out he was a rat.

also his wife pulled a knife on him, cut him, all he did was wrestle the knife away and the boy lied to the cops and said HE pulled the knife.

the daughter thing was he knew what he had to do so he wanted to spend a little time with her. btw how can a PARENT abduct their own child?

anyway, the last 2 episodes were all based on a big plothole that walt didnt check to see if there was gps on the van. the man is meticulous. there is no way he let an 80 million dollar detail slip his mind. so thats disappointing considering the people who write this stuff normally keep everything together logically.

H8rs Gon' H8

Taking Holly seems to have been part of his plan to get Skyler exonerated.

He obviously knows that there would be cops with her when he makes the call and tries to hide Skyler's knowledge of and participation in the money laundering.


Walt told Jesse about June, one of them has to die now.

Lies, dripping from your mouth like dirt

The more I think about it , the more I feel this episode is framed by the first and last lies Walt ever tells Skyler.
The first, she accepts without question, because he has never lied to her before.

The last, she knows is a lie because by this point she knows that Walt is a liar. Even when he tells her the truth about not killing Hank, she doesn't believe him anymore. So when he calls to get her off the hook with the cops (he knows they'll be there because he took the baby), she knows he's lying when he threatens her and calls her a stupid bitch, and we know it because he can't do it without weeping.

Pointless predictions are:
- Walt and Skyler will not speak again.
- Still time for Skyler to kill herself.
- The story will turn out to be about Walt's damnation and Jesse's redemption, and Jesse will emerge from the ashes of the Meth Apocalypse to run a way better AA meeting than snake-down-his-throat-in-Prometheus-dude ever did.
Okay that last one's a coin toss.

Beg to differ

monster221 wrote:

anyway, the last 2 episodes were all based on a big plothole that walt didnt check to see if there was gps on the van. the man is meticulous. there is no way he let an 80 million dollar detail slip his mind. so thats disappointing considering the people who write this stuff normally keep everything together logically.

He didn't think the van had GPS when he drove it into the desert and buried the money and memorized the co-ordinates on a phone which he then destroyed. It didn't have GPS. It's only Jesse showing him the staged picture of the barrel of money that makes his rage-fevered brain second-guess itself and think maybe there WAS GPS when the evidence that Jesse has found the hiding place is staring him in the face. He then keeps Jesse on the phone, thinking he will be waiting for him in the desert, and only realizes his mistake when he gets there to no Jesse and realizes that NOW they have his coordinates from the fucking phone he's been on with Jesse, which was Hank's plan all along to find out the hiding place. Walt is not thinking particularly clearly during his little scenic drive in the desert, and he is blinded by rage and the feeling that Jesse has betrayed him, so I think it's pretty reasonable he doesn't take the time to stop and question whether he might be getting duped. Also, Walt long ago convinced himself that he is smarter than Jesse, which is pretty much Walt's fatal flaw regarding everyone, and in true tragic fashion, his pride leads to his ruin.