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Elections 2011

Christy Clark promises to restore gaming money to arts groups, if elected

Linda Solomon Wood
Jan 17th, 2011

To ensure charities and community groups have a stable and sustainable source of funding, BC Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark has said that that as premier she would review the current governance and funding formula for gaming grants.

“These non-profit groups do tremendous work in the communities they serve and deserve to know the system will work for them,” says Clark. “We want these groups – whether it’s youth/adult sports, arts groups or organizations working with the most vulnerable – to be able to focus on the good work they do and not be in a constant state of flux over their funding.”

Clark plans to appoint a retired judge to head the review, with input from charities, community members, industry representatives and local government. The review would look at how stable funding can be assured for non-profit groups in the long term; advise on best models to ensure local gaming revenue stays in the community; and examine the role of government in gaming.

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