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what to eat

Jun 29th, 2010
A friend of mine is into a car show called Top Gear and had me watch an episode recently in which three bungling British fellows receive the impossible task of getting from one end of Vietnam to the...
Jun 13th, 2010
Because the sun finally made its appearance on Saturday, hoards of hungry food samplers came out of hiding with only one destination in mind: the Summer Night Market in Richmond.
May 16th, 2010
Bonchaz = Bon prix + Bon goût. Bon appétit!
May 9th, 2010
The story starts with a sore throat.  You know the kind: like swallowing razor blades unless it’s some hot soothing liquid that calls mum’s chicken noodle soup to mind.  It wasn’t that I...
Mar 17th, 2010
Every single Chinese restaurant in the Lower Mainland and beyond has congee on its menu. You can basically avail of it anywhere and everywhere and often I do. However, there are two places that stan
Mar 5th, 2010
Ask any Filipino where to go for the best Filipino food and they’ll answer you with one word repeated twice: Pinpin. Pin—what? Yes, that’s right, that one strange onomatopoeic word sums it all up.
Feb 14th, 2010
For all you visitors out there, I’m hosting my own Olympics and giving out gold, silver and bronze medals for my favourite dishes all over Vancouver. It’s a pretty random assortment that spans all ty
Feb 6th, 2010
It’s the time of year when singles cower and smug marrieds call in the “get out of jail free” card known as the babysitter; and when candy hearts and Hershey’s kisses are ingested in alarming proporti
Jan 15th, 2010
Here are a few outstanding things that make me go “mmm…” at Aberdeen Centre’s Food Court. If there’s anything you feel I’ve missed, feel free to log in to Vancouver Observer and leave a comment!
Jan 8th, 2010
Let me be clear: this is not the Tartine in Vancouver. Yes, the first week of the New Decade finds me exploring the culinary delights of our neighbouring city south of the border.