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Mar 10th, 2011
UBC adjunct professor Hani Faris comments on Libyan conflict and Canada's possible relation to it. Is Libya in, or headed toward, a civil war?
Mar 10th, 2011
Libya has the largest oil reserves in all of Africa, says Hani Faris, adjunct professor of the UBC Department of Political Science and President of US-based Trans-Arab Research Institute.
Feb 8th, 2011
The way I speak is through my paint brush… How was I going to tell the truth if I painted every single one of those women who went missing and many murdered in a pretty light? …Why now do some people...
Feb 8th, 2011
Last night I spoke at a National Conference at SFU talking about 'The Forgotten” Project. There was so much hostility in the room by a group of women from the DTES [Downtown Eastside]…These women...
Jan 30th, 2011
To make a significant impact in our community, all it takes is one person to take action with a great idea.
Jan 25th, 2011
When  Maclean's published "Too Asian?" students at UBC started talking and a number of professors used the article as a teachable moment. But as far as I know there was only one professor at UBC...
Jan 21st, 2011
Young Muslim poets show off their skills at I-SLAM, rhyming about everything from school to superheroes. Headlined by award-winning writer and poet Boonaa Mohammad.
Jan 13th, 2011
Over 200 upset condo residents have signed a petition to stop construction of a two-level 15-bed hospice at UBC, The Province reports. Construction for St. John's Hospice at the Northeast corner of...
Dec 14th, 2010
Burnaby Youth Custody Center Passion Project art project has a home.
Dec 2nd, 2010
In September 2010, I was one of ten UBC students from the Graduate School of Journalism chosen to be part of a unique class called International Reporting. The syllabus of the course is like no other...