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Robert Pickton

Aug 13th, 2011
Vulnerable witnesses may be drug users or open to intimidation, need to feel comfortable and safe when speaking, independent counsel argues.
Aug 10th, 2011
Community groups have said they'll boycott investigation because province has denied them individual legal funding -- and they're not happy with latest move.
Jul 27th, 2011
Attorney general's office was urged by inquiry to help pay official participants' expenses, but continues to refuse.
May 29th, 2011
PORT COQUITLAM, B.C. -- The RCMP are continuing their investigation into several fires in the Vancouver area, including one at the serial killer Robert Pickton's farm, and say they may have added...
Feb 8th, 2011
But in the end, the show was cancelled. Part Two in a three-part series on the cancellation of Pamela Masik’s “The Forgotten”.
Dec 31st, 2010
This was the year that the eyes of the world were on Vancouver. When did we shine and when did we fall short?
Nov 18th, 2010
The figures are in and they’re heartbreaking. $103,000,000 to investigate and prosecute serial killer Robert Pickton, a man that preyed on women that lived on $185 per month, or less, in Vancouver’...
Oct 17th, 2010
An interview with Stevie Cameron, author of "On The Farm", the bestselling new book about serial killer Robert Pickton. For Part Two, click on headline.
Apr 1st, 2010
What has political correctness driven us to? Are people merely becoming too sensitive? Or is political correctness a necessity in order to make everyone feel included, to feel equal? Or should we just