Feds stifle media questions around oil sands' toxic effects, FOIs reveal

For the first time ever a federal scientist is studying toxins in animals near the Alberta oilsands but Environment Canada won't let him speak with the media about his research.
CP. Oilsands mobile air monitoring cancelled over funding problems

Oilsands mobile air monitoring cancelled over funding problems

Alberta could have no way to measure what's in the air during environmental emergencies or respond quickly to community concerns, says director of the Wood Buffalo Environmental Association.
oilsands environmental record improving. Canadian Press Photo.

Oil conference presenters say oilsands environmental record improving

 It's a seemingly small thing, the matter of a dozen or so degrees difference in the water temperature during one part of the lengthy and complex process of squeezing oil from Alberta bitumen....

Talisman Energy Inc. ConocoPhillips Canada and Nexen Energy ULC announce Canada job cuts

It’s been a rough week for many in the oilpatch. Talisman Energy Inc. (TSX:TLM), ConocoPhillips Canada and Nexen Energy ULC have all announced job cuts this week. Talisman, which is set to be taken...

Oil and gas industry resists new oil sands emissions standards, claims opposition is "ideological"

New documents released through Access to Information legislation show the oil and gas industry resisting strengthened emissions standards in Alberta.
Carbon Bubble from The Carbon Tracker Initiative's report Unburnable Carbon

Canada’s fossil fuels a risky investment: Global Carbon Budget

What does the global 'carbon budget' mean for Canada? Senior economist with the CCPA Marc Lee explains a significant portion of Canada's carbon reserves will have to remain in the ground.
Stephen Harper

Canadian Taxpayers Fund Harper’s $65,000 Keystone XL Advertising Trip

Recently revealed documents show Stephen Harper's recent trip to New York to promote the Keystone XL pipeline cost Canadian taxpayers more than $65,000.

1.5M Litres and Counting: Volume of CNRL Tar Sands Seepage Growing

New figures released from the Alberta Energy Regulator show 1.5 million litres recovered so far.

AER Failing to Protect Public Interest, Communicate Openly on CNRL Cold Lake Spills

New report criticizes the Alberta Energy Regulator for mishandling ongoing CNRL spills near Cold Lake.

CNRL Cold Lake bitumen seepage hits 1.2 million litres

The ongoing subsurface oil spill at CNRL's Cold Lake site continues to push bitumen above ground, according to a new Alberta Energy Regulator update.