oil sands

Rick Verge's sign on his property

Landowner refuses to surrender property for Energy East pipeline

Rick Verge was shocked when a TransCanada land agent knocked on his door in Titusville, N.B., last year and offered him $1000 to conduct a land survey in exchange for his signature. He refused. He...
Susan Ellard

Kelowna oncologist wants an energy strategy for Canada based on reality of climate change

Susan Ellard has explored the issues surrounding climate change and found a difference between what you know... and what you think you know.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Darren Aronofsky receive gift of moccasins in remote Fort Chip

Leonardo Di Caprio's car drove into town and the megastar jumped out and walked straight to the banks of  the Athabasca Lake. He  took in the beauty. A small group consisting of chiefs and...

Koch brothers' Canadian company moves to exploit oil sands gold rush

Fort McKoch? Construction of in situ facility planned next to Dunkirk River for 2016.
Alain Labrecque says his family has suffered from nearby oil field emisssions

Oil sands fumes linked to families' health woes, Alberta regulator concludes

Report links oil sands pollution to dizziness, fatigue, and headaches in Alberta's northwest -- while another report clears the industry of cancer concerns in Fort Chipewyan area
Dr John O'Connor speaks to US Senators about Tar Sands health impacts and cancer

Alberta doctor tells U.S.: Canada is ‘lying’ about tar sands’ health effects

An Alberta doctor tells U.S. Senators that the oil sands pollution is behind a huge spike in cancer rates -- that is 400 times the normal rate in one community.

Oil field fumes so painful, Alberta families forced to move

Severe headaches, dizziness, rashes and loss of memory: all symptoms reported to a new hearing examining health effects of Alberta's rapidly expanding heavy oil industry.

2 days remain in Tar Sands Reporting Project Kickstarter. We need your help to meet $10,000 challenge.

500 people = $5,000 (and we're almost there). 1,000 people = $10,000. We need your help right now.

How can we build an energy bridge to the future?

The oil sands. That’s the picture we are looking at today, more toxic pollution, more foreign control, more climate damage. But is it the picture of tomorrow?

New Study: Kochs Could Make $100 Billion on Keystone XL Pipeline Deal

A new study released today concludes that Koch Industries and its subsidiaries stand to make as much as $100 billion in profits if the controversial Keystone XL pipeline is given the go-ahead by U.S...