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Nov 3rd, 2011
The NPA's fundraising campaign manager, developer Rob Macdonald, has been essential to the party's financial success this election. Here's a backgrounder on Macdonald and his role in...
Oct 21st, 2011
NDP leadership frontrunner Brian Topp has broken politcal taboo and publically announced his desire to stick heaftier taxes on Canada's rich. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty brushed off the "dreamy"...
Oct 18th, 2011
If the federal NDP expects to form the next government, it needs to clarify its position on Quebec sovereignty.  The clarity act provides some guidance but leaves a lot of loopholes, such as the...
Sep 26th, 2011
"We'll be there till the end," says MacKay. "We need a different mandate," says the NDP.
Sep 26th, 2011
Immigration critic Don Davies says former US vice-president authorized torture, and that violates Canadian law.
Sep 8th, 2011
At the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference, activist Tzeporah Berman met with a downcast Canadian Youth Delegation. Harper’s government had punched far above its weight to ensure a meaningless...
Sep 3rd, 2011
Leading up to the Ontario Provincial Election, Environmentalist are abandoning the NDP. Is this a blip or a trend with national implications?
Aug 31st, 2011
After much hinting and waffling, Clark says she'll govern 'til 2013.
Aug 31st, 2011
In BC, party is six points ahead of Tories. But it's not clear if the sentimental bounce will last.
Aug 24th, 2011
Social media campaign pushed for a salute to late leader using landmark tower.