Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan crews meet citizens on Burnaby Mountain - Mychaylo Prystupa

Kinder Morgan slaps Burnaby residents with multi-million-dollar lawsuit

“I feel outraged politically that this could happen in a democracy – that a foreign massive company can accuse you of trespassing on a park" - SFU professor Stephen Collis
Kinder Morgan crews met by angry citizens Burnaby Mountain - Mychaylo Prystupa

Kinder Morgan crews blocked by citizens on Burnaby Mountain (VIDEO)

Kinder Morgan crews were met by a group of citizens that blocked the company from conducting its oil pipeline survey work on Burnaby Mountain Wednesday morning.  One teenager even pinned himself...
SFU Professor Lynne Quarmby Kinder Morgan blockade arrest

SFU professor expecting her arrest for blockade of Kinder Morgan

"We anticipate the return of Kinder Morgan with an injunction and orders for us to be arrested" - SFU biochemistry professor Lynne Quarmby
Kinder Morgan TV ad

Elections BC rules Kinder Morgan’s ads meet rules

Kinder Morgan’s promotional oil pipeline TV ads once panned by Burnaby politicians as an attempt to influence B.C. municipal elections, has been ruled as not breaching any rules, Elections BC said...
Kinder Morgan Burnaby Westridge Terminal - Mychaylo Prystupa

Burnaby loses its legal fight against Kinder Morgan for now

NEB orders City of Burnaby to no longer impede Kinder Morgan's pipeline test drilling; Mayor of Burnaby vows to take this battle to federal court.
Deborah Parker councilwoman Tulalip tribe Washington state - Chilliwack BC

American tribes oppose Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion in B.C.

“This is heaven! Right here. This is heaven. And if we take care of that heaven. Then she will take care of us.”
Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline warning sign - Mychaylo Prystupa

Constitutional showdown: Kinder Morgan and Burnaby battle over cities' say on pipelines

Should cities have a say in the transport of explosive oil through dense urban areas?
Marine Safety - The People Behind The Pipeline - Kinder Morgan video screen shot

Kinder Morgan TV ads attacked as influencing city elections in B.C.

"The debate should be between local candidate versus local candidate....not candidates debating with giant Texas oil companies," said MP Kennedy Stewart.
Firefighters & Kinder Morgan Burnaby Tanks Westridge

NEB orders Kinder Morgan to reveal its "secret” oil disaster response plans

Vancouver, Burnaby, the provincial government and First Nations win a ruling denying the oil pipeline company's request to keep its emergency management plans confidential