Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline warning sign - Mychaylo Prystupa

Constitutional showdown: Kinder Morgan and Burnaby battle over cities' say on pipelines

Should cities have a say in the transport of explosive oil through dense urban areas?
Marine Safety - The People Behind The Pipeline - Kinder Morgan video screen shot

Kinder Morgan TV ads attacked as influencing city elections in B.C.

"The debate should be between local candidate versus local candidate....not candidates debating with giant Texas oil companies," said MP Kennedy Stewart.
Firefighters & Kinder Morgan Burnaby Tanks Westridge

NEB orders Kinder Morgan to reveal its "secret” oil disaster response plans

Vancouver, Burnaby, the provincial government and First Nations win a ruling denying the oil pipeline company's request to keep its emergency management plans confidential
Lesslie Askin - Burnaby Mountain oil storage tanks - Mychaylo Prystupa

Grandmother questioned as a Kinder Morgan “terrorist threat” gets her day in Parliament

“I cannot fathom how they think I am a security risk. It’s totally illogical,” says 71-year-old Lesslie Askin
Photo of Burnaby residents protesting Kinder Morgan by Carlos Tello

Supreme Court rejects Burnaby's injunction to stop Kinder Morgan

Under a cloudy, grey sky  on top of Burnaby Mountain, a crowd of around 25  rolled out a banner that read “Stop Kinder Morgan!” in bold red letters and prepared to hear the news from the B....
Ian Anderson president Kinder Morgan Canada

Kinder Morgan president to take your phone calls about pipeline

Want to speak to the president of Kinder Morgan about its pipeline plans? Now's your chance.
Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan - Kinder Morgan protest - Sept 13 2014

Burnaby's Mayor slams Kinder Morgan's pipeline expansion in scathing speech

"When you think about the potential catastrophe that could occur as a result of one of those tankers being damaged in our inlet – the destruction that that would cause to the reputation of this city."
Kinder Morgan Kennedy Stewart

Much ado about trees? Burnaby's legal battle about stopping a pipeline: SFU prof

Ostensibly, it’s a legal battle over trees on Burnaby Mountain. But at the root, it’s just pipeline politics, says Stephen Collis.
Kinder Morgan protest Burnaby Mountain - Kennedy Stewart

Kinder Morgan asks feds to forbid City of Burnaby from halting pipeline work

Out lawyered? Energy giant uses its legal muscle in an attempt to override city opposition to its plans for the Trans Mountain expansion pipeline.
STOP KINDER MORGAN sign at Burnaby Mountain and Kennedy Stewart

Kinder Morgan’s pipeline crews met by angry Burnaby residents

Kinder Morgan’s attempts to continue its disputed Trans Mountain exploratory pipeline work at Burnaby Mountain faced another day of heated opposition -- this time by an impromptu gathering of 50...