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1947 Citizenship Act

Nov 28th, 2011
Stephen Harper responds to questions about the group of Canadians taking their citizenship woes to court.
Feb 11th, 2011
Scott lived half of her life in Canada as a Canadian citizen, until one day Canada took that citizenship away.
Jul 8th, 2010
The repercussions of gender based discrimination in Canada’s Citizenship Act was under the radar in most circles until the late 2000's, when the United States government declared that Canadians...
Jul 7th, 2010
Paul Martin Sr., the father of former Canadian Prime Minster of the same name, minus the suffix, didn’t know he was on a quest for a symbol to represent "the character of Canada", but he found one,...
Jul 6th, 2010
By his own description, Don Chapman is irritating. Politicians grow weary of hearing from him, he says.  But he never gives up. His persistence has made him immensely effective in gaining the...
Jul 2nd, 2010
 Everyone in the RV Park seems to know about Jackie Scott’s case.  “Isn’t it something?” Vickie the receptionist says as she tallies the day’s arrivals. One look at our camera equipment...