Government labels environmentalists "terrorist threat" in new report

Canada’s new counter-terrorism strategy lists environmentalism next to white supremacy as an “issue-based” terrorist threat. Is eco-terrorism really a danger to Canadians?

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Praise for Extract: The Pipeline Wars Vol. 1 Enbridge

"This is one of the greatest stories underway on the planet—the effort to wrest vast quantities of the dirtiest energy on earth from beneath Canada's boreal forests, and the even greater and far more beautiful effort to stop them. The stakes—the health of the planet's climate—simply couldn't be higher.

Read this book. Extract does a great job of giving voice to some of the people on the front lines and giving you the information you need to engage in the debate."

— Bill McKibben, climate activist and founder

Extract: The Pipeline Wars is a terrifying tour-de-force that opens a grim window on the future: this is not just about British Columbia, but about the world. As the fossil fuel industry taps dirtier and dirtier sources of energy to maintain their supremacy, as more regions of the world are despoiled in the process, the downhill run to ultimate destruction lies plainly before us...unless it can be stopped. Extract: The Pipeline Wars tells us why, and how, this must happen. Excellent, important work.

 — William Pitt, Truthout editor and New York Times bestselling author.

 We need information and hard facts to make thoughtful, forward-thinking decisions that reverberate long into the future. Here’s a book that cuts through the self-interested rhetoric of climate deniers and the fossil fuel industry.

 -- David Suzuki, environmentalist and David Suzuki Foundation founder

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The real terrorists...

...are the corporations that leave families, communities and the envirinment devastated, and the politicians whose ideology has them siding with big business. It's a joke that Harper claims  environmentalists are foreign-based interests. What, oil isn't? Enough people will believe him, though, for his tactic to work.

Don Staniford - Day 20 video update

Don Staniford is leading the way, and exposing the outright corruption of the salmon farming industry, which seems to be in collusion with lawmakers.  And he is getting deported for his work.

From yesterday:

The environment is my god. I will put my god before the God who wrote the Commandment, forbidding it.


But nature is not really a god. The environment is my creator.

That is slander

Calling envirormentalist terrorists is slamder PLAN AND SIMPLE it is ilegal and  be should not Tolerated.  Harper will not last If keep braking the law. I  could see Steven Harper  being first prime minister to end up in Jail. He is not stipid he is bulid more jails because all of his friends and him will end in Jail.

What violent groups are NOT on the list?

The photo of a First Nations-led rally against Enbridge prompts one to ask why are environmentalists on the "list" - but not radical, violent groups associated with Aboriginal causes, such as at Gustafsen Lake, or more recently, at Fish Lake - all with guns or with threats of gun violence. In Ontario, the Caledonia dispute has so far resulted in severe injuries and loss of homes for some people. While the Quebec Liberation Front has been inactive, more recently there have been incidents of violence associated with the Quebec independence movement and against English-language signs and stores. How come they're not included too?

animal rights activists in the same sentence as white supremists!!! how can caring about life and wanting humans to treat other beings humanely and with respect, how can that be terrorism? i want a prime minister who has a reverence for all life, not this poor excuse of a "leader" we ended up with.

Evironmentalists as terrorists.

If threats to the well-being of Canadian people is all that it takes to be branded terrorists, then Herr Harper and his government should really be putting themselves on that list...

Is this not Treason?

Independent polls suggest 80% of Canadians oppose Harper's son of an oil baron pipe-dream. With 800+ oil spills to Enbridge's credit (based on their own records) and waivers of law routinely sold to corps by Alberta gov. (4000+ to date), who's the terrorist? When 4000+ chemicals are dumped into the Athabaska daily, when the sick and dieing downstream get 20 years of litigation for their suffering, who's the terrorist? When 2 - 4000 lbs of our boreal forest floor need to be "moved" for 1 barrel of oil and the US as our biggest client, uses 360 000 barrels daily for war, who's the terrorist? When other countries prove clean energy and peace are highly successful socially and financially, our "leader" spews war rhetoric, gags scientists, regulators, MPs, media, watchdogs, the RCMP and the people of Canada on behalf of corporate profit, who's the terrorist? Considering the depth of corruption exposed with Keystone "deal", having all the same players taking precedence over Canadians rights, who's the terrorist? With all the secret meetings and "matter of privacy" blocking public requests for public records by public servants regarding Enbridge, I believe these actions of these public servants are illegal and treasonous. Sorry to go on, but this really sticks in my craw.
Been posting all the dirty details to my blog:


Since we're naming terrorist organizations...let's name the RCMP and their constant stream of cover-ups and abuses of power; ie, the polish man who died after being tasered 4 times at YVR and one of the same terrorist officers then killing a motorcyclist while off duty and possibly drunk. That BC is actually renegociating a new 20 year policing deal with the rcmp is so wrong. BC needs its own police force that starts with a whole new culture of respect and service [as in; remember who you work for].

Government labels environmentalists "terrorist threat" in report

And with the coming "police spy state" enacted under Bill C-30 environmentalists can have all their internet activity including email spied upon by police and government without even court based supervision.  They are terrorists after all.  If the environmentalists are terrorist why am I terrified by this government?  Oh right, governments can't be terrorist by definition.  Does any one else sense that someting is very wrong here?  Although fascisim promised to make the trains run on time it failed even at that.

Are we realy that dumb?

Having worked there, I already know that Albert is going to become the biggest " Sidney Tarpond" in Canada! So we might as well sell the oil.

The pipeline accross B.C. is another matter. Tankers plying the inlet to Kitimat is completely nuts! Why not spend the money on twinning the rail to Prince Rupert and ship the oil in tank cars and load the tankers  where they are in relativly open waters. The advantages are:-

 Smaller units of spillage in the event of a derailment.

 Tankers can go straight out to sea. Lower risk of grounding.

 More people in B.C. will be employed in the project than the pipline would allow.

We might as well make something that benefits the people here because we are going to be living next door to the most poluted province in Canada when the petrochemical and oil companies are finished.


When injustice becomes law,

When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. We are at war with our governments, this is not limited to any one country. Humans globally are tired of being ruled, let 2012 be international overthrow your government year. Lets oust our ruling regimes, and evolve as a species. Government agendas start wars not the people. Time to push the peasants agenda and bring humanity and human destiny back into its rightful place, our own hands. 


Eco-terrorism is big issue now a day. Canadian government should use custom sticker printing to educate people.

terrorist threat

terroriest threats are now just like a play or a game in all societies or in all countries of the world. Socoilsm can stop if they will work together and done with joined hands and should be done through printed banners.

The real terrorists...

are the fossil fools who are intent on destroying our planet to provide big business with dirty energy to line their own pockets. I hope one day to see all these criminals engaging in ecocide locked up and the keys thrown away!

Environmental People Are Alllowed to Protest

I suggest everyone read the Canada Criminal Code Terrorism section as people are allowed to protest under that section. It is found on Justice Laws website of the Department of Justice of Canada. Environmentalists are trying to uphold the laws being breached by politicians who do not know the laws and companies violating the laws under the Corporations Act and Business Act and Mining Act and the Constitution Act and the Criminal Code Act among others including the Planning Act and the Ontario Municipal Act as the Constitution Act is violated repeatedly of the statement "economic grow is to refuce disparity" which is violated when big corporations stealing Her Majesty's public Crown Corporations illegally privatizing them to allow illegal development of Canada's natural resources for private profiteers and investors. That is the crime of Canada!