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Real Estate

Gesamtkunstwerk and Vancouver House: "Vancouverism 2.0"

Reimagining the foot of the Granville Bridge.

Even real estate consultants hate condo towers: Eco-density discussion in Grandview

If you think an urban planning professor hates condo towers, wait 'til you hear the professional real estate consultant.

An affordable condo in Vancouver, or a big house in the U.S.?

What can you buy for $500,000 here compared to in the U.S.?

Atira Women's Resource Centre is redefining Vancouver's architecture

Meet a Vancouver real estate developer whose target market is people who can't afford to pay rent.

First-time homebuyer? Check out these homes for sale in the Greater Vancouver area

Since last time we talked about luxury listings around Vancouver, let’s turn our attention now to more affordable listings, suitable for first-time homebuyers. The fact that Vancouver is ...

Lightsaber in the bathtub: The Private Residences at Hotel Georgia

Way up high: commanding views and prices to match in this downtown luxury building. Jordan will need some roommates.

University of British Columbia: a place of the mind, a place to live

The isolation of living at UBC is starting to change, as retail space opens and more people move into five neighbourhoods run by the board of governors.

Greater Vancouver luxury listings with a view

Looking for luxury homes around Vancouver? There’s definitely no shortage of amazing homes for selective buyers, and plenty of them offer amazing ocean views. Here are a few examples of such homes,...

Winter shelters opening for Vancouver's homeless: Come out of the cold

More space for Vancouver's most vulnerable as the homeless population remains steady.

A brief history of Vancouver gentrification: The drama of urban development

Vancouver has a history of power imbalance, which has fueled gentrification.

City: Vancouver passes laneway housing "milestone"

Vancouver has passed a key housing milestone with a total of over 1,000 new laneway housing permits now issued, building on the City’s work to enable new affordable housing options and create more...