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Port Authority approval for Neptune coal export expansion draws sharp criticism

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Citizen's advocacy group Voters Taking Action on Climate Change had strong words for the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority's approval of coal export expansion, condemning it in a news release today: 

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meme mine January 24th 2013 | 6:18 PM

The Reefer Madness of climate blame:

YES science agrees climate change is real but the world of science does NOT agree climate change is a real crisis because none of the IPCC warnings say a climate crisis “WILL” happen only “MIGHT” happen and “COULD” happen etc.

“HELP MY HOUSE COULD BE ON FIRE MAYBE?” isn’t good enough for real planet lovers. We demand certainty before we condemn billions of children to their CO2 demise.

 Since it's not a crisis, it's not real because you can't have a little climate crisis and why would you want this misery to be real?

Deny that!