Vancouver riot: stupid young men

Let's not blame the game of hockey and its fans for the riot that followed the Vancouver loss in the Stanley Cup Final.  Or make the predictable mumbo-jumbo excuses  of socioeconomic factors at work.

Who did we see fighting, vandalizing and looting in the flood of images stream last night on TV and the internet? 

Let's be clear and forget about being politically correct. Well-fed, well clothed and well lubricated with alcohol, drugs and testosterone ...  stupid, young men.

We all knew, regardless of who would win or lose the Cup, that game 7 was going to be a siren call for every stupid, young man across B.C. (and further abroad) to gather and wait for the moment that gave them the opportunity to riot. 
Some blame has to be laid at the feet of the organizers who thought that concentrating huge crowds that contained large masses of young males around big screen TVs in a downtown venue right by an arena with 19,000 fans that would spill out on the streets after the game was over was a good idea. In the days, week and months to come there will be a lot of recriminations, excuses and soul search but stupid, young men have always been with us in every society and every age of history just waiting for a chance act out. 
The riot was the mindless but predictable tantrum of stupid, young men that should not be a stain on the city and citizens of Vancouver but sadly will.   
Lest other Canadian cities think smugly that the riot was a unique, West Coast phenomena, you are all one  Stanley Cup final series away from the same events unfolding.

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Aren't the majority of hockey fans young males? So I think it's quite fair to blame hockey fans for this.

Not just males

There were plenty of females participating, just watch some of the videos of them kicking in the store windows etc. This was nothing to do with hockey. Several criminals went there fully intending to damage and loot under the protection of crowds too large for police to get at the criminals. Let us also remember that this is not the majority of any group of people-it is simply indicative of and representative of a certain segment of the criminal element. It is wrong to suggest that the millions of people in this metro area would act in such a manner. One small group of criminals. They planned, created, caused this. They are the only people who can be held accountable, ashamed and they should be made to pay back the businesses, individuals, and taxpayers including the health care system for the damage and theft they created. They should be in the news apologizing for their acts.

Stanley cup

Sore loosing idiots!

Vancouver riot

Why don't we add racial profiling, so beloved by Vancouver media and law enforcement? They were well-fed, well-dressed young WHITE men. So where do we send them? What immigration laws do we call upon/amend? This is the conversation I want to hear about.

not true

Manjot wrote:

Why don't we add racial profiling, so beloved by Vancouver media and law enforcement? They were well-fed, well-dressed young WHITE men. So where do we send them? What immigration laws do we call upon/amend? This is the conversation I want to hear about.

Look again at the footage; nearly every racial group is well represented. 


Honestly, I'm tired of the "it's not the fans involved here" line. C'mon, enough already. Since when did watching hockey or being a follower of the NHL grant you a "wholesome and honest" license? I don't think that these idiots were smart enough to disguise themselves in Canucks jerseys - which were in plain site from almost every angle of this mess - with the intention of covertly reeking destruction. I attend hockey games and it's been my personal experience that for every civilized, respectful individual in attendance, there are two more "fans" being loud and obnoxious to the extreme. There are times when I wonder how these "fans' function in the real world, outside the artificial arena environment that they apparently flourish in. And then you see crap like this, and it all makes senses.


It's a shame that Canada will now be remembered as the country who riots over losing a hockey game. What's worse, is that everyone stood and watched as a bunch of hooligans with single digit IQ's destroyed a great citys reputation. I highly doubt Vancouver will keep its title as the number one city in the world in 2012.

Sad but true...

Every racial group was rioting, but everyone (who was not white) was talking about how taunting police and rioting seemed to be a white boy's sport. The brown guys I heard they said they envied them for doing it (!!!!) but were afraid that if they did they would get beat up way worse by police. Sad but probably true....

You're wrong - hockey is to blame

Nice try. Hockey is a "sport" where the number of hits (violently slamming an opponent into the boards, often head first) are tabulated and analyzed as part of why a team won or lost. Hockey fight websites get more traffic than sites focused on the scores. Even Miami - a city bordering on lawlessness at the best of times - managed to keep it's cool after losing the NBA finals, which is a far bigger deal than the Stanley Cup. You don't see riots after a marathon or the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Canucks fans are sad. It's sadder still that the city puts up with them. The best outcome would be for the Canucks to leave Vancouver

Look at the videos

There are people video'd at the start of the riot who had masks, weapons, lighters, igniters etc. Ready to go and started and then continued the destruction. They were not there to watch hockey, they were there to create damage and to loot stores and they bragged about it both before and after. Nice try to the people who ae trying to turn this into some kind of race issue-the videos make it proof positive that race is a non-issue in this riot. What is true: the taxpayers of the city and province have every right to be furious at these criminals-they have cost us millions and this means that services we pay for will be cut because of these criminals. The people who stood by egging the criminals on share in the blame and should be feeling deep shame today for the destruction of property they helped create and that other people were injured and terrified because they thought these criminal acts were somehow amusing. You all should be feeling shame and you should be downtown cleaning up-but are you? I, as a Vancouverite, a British Columbian and a Canadian am angry and sad, but I refuse to feel shame or embarrasment for the acts of total strangers who either committed criminal acts or encouraged such acts-and yes, by staying there taking photos and egging them on-you are just as responsible as they are. What ever happened to personal values and respect for others? What I am happy about? The way so many wonderful and true Vancouverites have rallied to clean up after the criminals and to staypositive and to recognize that the criminal element does not represent our home.

BC Riot Par for The Course - Expect More

BC Leaders deserves this legacy. They worked for it with their actions over decades. They gave their minds to a corrupt Judiciary and Bevy of Drug Lawyers, who have protected the Crowns Heroin Trade. Their Police have looked the other way as tons of heroin have been imported into the Port of Vancouverover decades. Societal Decay is the result. There is no disconnect between the Vancouver/Royal Heroin Trade ( London is the oldest World Center of Opium and Heroin Profits for several centuries) and the social behaviour decay seen in the youth (Boys and Girls) of Vancouver.

Deep down, any culture that tolerates a corrupt Judiciary and the Hell's Angels as BC does, has got to expect their social fabric to decay eventually.

It all adds up and works on the mind. Even if the youth are not able to ferret out and articulate in words their disgust at..BC Status Quo Society, they can act it out.

This is not fomented by petty criminals, they just anticipated and took this is the work of real criminals... The Independent Judiciary, The Law Society of BC, the RCMP, and their bretheren, the Hell's Angels...all working to keep London fat.

Oh and you, they could not have done it with out your proud Canadian complacency.

You are all one Stanley Cup final series away from....

Ottawa went six games into the Stanley Cup and got crushed by riot.  

Calgary v Tampa Bay...riot?  


I think the question is not

I think the question is not in sport or in mob. Have you seen how quickly people turn to an angry gang. It means that there are a lot of anger suppressed inside of them. I think even though they all well fed and well dressed they are not farm animals just when their physical necessities are well satisfied. The problem is much bigger.  Who listen to them? Bunch of 60-70+ politicians, their parents-baby boomers who worries about loosing their savings. There is simply no place for the young in aging Canadian society. You either play by the riles or else. And here your are the result. Their way or showing to everyone that they exists. Not a best way but effective. May be now their parents and politicians would start consider their existence. Otherwise I’m afraid we will see many more riots like this.