Facebook speaks out about Amanda Todd post-mortem bullying

The social media giant tells VO readers how to prevent other acts of bullying.

Amanda Todd (RIP Amanda Todd Facebook Page)

A recent Vancouver Observer article asked if Facebook is to blame for not adequately cracking down on the Online sexual predators and bullying that prompted the suicide of Amanda Todd

Facebook posts -- both by the sexual predator who publicized pictures of the 15-year-old cheerleader's chest and her peers who bullied her -- played a fundamental role in the kind of emotional degradation that Todd described in the YouTube video that preceded her death. 

A Facebook page entitled 'Do you even Amanda Todd?' continues to feature aggressive and defamatory comments about Todd, post-mortem. The page has nearly 2,000 followers, and is covered with Photoshopped images mocking Todd's experiences and previous suicide attempts.  

Harassment has no place on Facebook,” a Toronto-based spokesperson for the social media giant told The Vancouver Observer.

We are deeply saddened by the tragic death of Amanda Todd, and our hearts go out to her family and friends."  

Below every photograph, every post on Facebook, there is a button entreating users to 'report' abusive content -- one click is enough to result in legal action. 

We actively encourage teens and parents to report incidences of bullying using the links located throughout the site. We remove all content that violates our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and we escalate reports of harassment and bullying to law enforcement where appropriate. Our Help Center contains many resources related to bullying for teens and parents," the spokesperson added.

Facebook also features a Family Safety Center that helps teach parents and their children how to combat predators and bullies.

Facebook was unable to comment on any action taken with authorities in Todd's case, due to legal constraints. 

Of the many Facebook pages dedicated to Todd since her death on October 10, the most popular has nearly 900,000 followers. 

There is no word yet on whether Facebook sites such as "Do You Even Amanda Todd" will be taken offline. 

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Thanks Facebook.

Way to deflect and ignore the terrible practices on your part that led to the persecution of this young woman. Bang up job by your PR team.

Of course, you could spend some of the of billions of dollars you raised in your IPO to actually crack down on this behavior. But then again corporate responsibility isn't exactly your strong suit, is it?

Re: Facebook report button ... Amanda Todd abuse still goes on!

I clicked the 'report' button every time an abusive comment or picture was posted on Amanda's RIP page Sunday night to report the abuse going on there .... All were reviewed and none removed! Here's the response I got regarding my reporting: 


Thanks for your recent report of a potential violation on Facebook. After reviewing your report, we were not able to confirm that the specific page you reported violates Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Learn more about what we do and don't allow by reviewing the Facebook Community Standards:https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards.


Give us feedback to let us know how we are doing: https://www.facebook.com/survey/take.php?survey_id=242477152482072&cid=251257871663762

So are Facebook finally taking any action? I really want to know!!! They (Mark Zuckerberg) sure need to accept some responsibilty here.

Take some responsibility .... PLEASE!!!!!

So, are Facebook finally taking any action? I really want to know!!!! They (Mark Zuckerberg) sure need to accept some responsibility here. It won't go away, there are too many people removing the blinkers where Facebook is concerned .... Sort it out and you might just regain an ounce of respect (wrong word possibly!)

Ref: Is Facebook culpable in Amanda Todd's death?

Yes I'm going on again but I am infuriated as are many others regarding the apathy of the Facebook staff/team ragarding this. A previous comment from me, I thought it should be re posted here beacuse it is relevant. 

I also emailed Zuckerberg myself to ask for his assistance, I gave the link to the page and pleaded with him to do something about this considering it was cyber bullies who tormented her and contributed to her death. Firstly, the reports I had sent were reviewed and guess what ... They were NOT removed!!! What the Hell is going on? I doubt I will get a response from Zuckerberg and even if I do it won't reach me, I deacvtivated my account finally after 4 years giving my reason which was this .... ''I cannot believe Facebook is allowing cyber bullies to get away with vile posts and disgusting pictures of Amanda Todd on her RIP page and nothing is being done!'' I asked the page be taken down out of respect for Amanda and her family because it was not being monitored, I am certain it was started with good intentions by possibly some young soul who meant well but it got so out of hand, the abuse was horrendous I actually felt horrified and saw with my own eyes what these cyber bullies/Trolls put Amanda through I cannot imagine how devastating it must have been for her and to see the abuse that was still being posted there even after her tragic suicide was just too much to bear and I'm a fully grown adult! I despair for any Teenager who uses this monster they call Facebook, it's a breeding ground for abuse of the most vulnerable ... The young and naive.  Zuckerberg sort it or take responsibility for many more suicides of lonely, vulnerable people who use your hateful site to make 'friends' and communicate with others. Not all young people have a happy family home where they can sit together watching TV, some of them are like Amanda are lonely and looking for friends and comfort because Facebook leads them to believe that's what they will find there, but sadly being mislead and used by online pedophiles and trolls because NOTHING is being done to protect them!!!!!

Amanda Todd

Facebook is not following it's guidelines.. I cannot believe that the "Do you even Amanda Todd" page is still up.. When you create a page it specifically shows 3 categories to chose from.. Local Business/Place Company/Organization/Institution Brand/Product "Do you even Amanda Todd" is not a legitimate page.. cause it doesn't fall under any of those classifications.. why is still published??? this is my question!!!!.. perhaps you should try to have it shut down based on those terms.. thanks giovanna

What's shocking...

...is that FB had an employee that acctually responded to something. Usually they're holed up, inaccessible and above it all.

A tale of two choices...

It is fascinating to compare the decisions of Facebook versus those of ServerBeach, a web hosting company that disabled 1.4 million blogs this week due to a $120 copyright infringement claim by Pearson. Read more here: http://www.staffroomconfidential.com/2012/10/corporate-ethics-tale-of-two-choices.html

It's disgusting...

I find it disgusting that Facebook allows this to go on. I have reported these pages as well as many defamatory posts, not to mention pornographic ones, yet none of the pages have been removed. I have had very little success in getting the nasty photos removed either. This has to stop. I thought the new reporting system and terms of service was there to stop all this cyberbullying nonsense, but apparently Facebook just doesn't have the time to deal with it.

amanda todd

repose en paix Amanda tu avai droit a la vie 

je suis dsl mais j'ai pas vu tes vidéo d'appelle a l'aide

sinon je t'aurai aider poulette 

tu ne devais pas mourir


reporting comments

As someone else here did, I also reported a photo that mocked Amanda Todd and her death and also received word from Facebook that there was no violation. So it's apparently okay, in the minds of Facebook staff, for people to post photos with text that make fun of a girl who committed suicide.

And when will Facebook change?

When I read this article, the first thing I did is search, in the Facebook browser, for a page about Amanda. All I hade to type was "Do you guys even lift? ..." and I found a disgusting page about Amanda.

One or two of my friends and myself reported it more than three hours ago, but it's still there. And it's not the first time I try deleting a heinous page. It never works. So I would say that yes, Facebook is quite responsible in those cases, especially when you see that reporting abuse is not much use.

I found this page in ten seconds, so you should find it easily too and maybe report it too. If they get tons of reports Facebook might think about acting? Who knows?

thats sooo wronge!!

i think its wronge how ppl kept on intaginizing this poor girl..now because of thing that were said Amanda is dead! i think that facebook needs to start doing something abiut this cyberbulling! and i honstly believe that everyone that bullied amanda on facebook needs to have concuinces for their actions that way ppl dnt think that what they did to that girl is okay?!? 

Facebook rules they don't follow

I am invole with a group of trying to report these horrible pages and facebook hardly does anything about it they don't follow through with there rules they have set out on there agreements an policys what so ever. As to which is a breach of contract  Many memebers of the group have email facebook to which no prevail what so ever. I am starting to think facebook care's more about the money.....

'Amanda Todd “was whore-ish and she was treated as such”…'

Before you jiump all over us, read on, please!

We don't generally promo our website via comments, but this is a special case.  That Amanda is one of the many tragic suicides due to bullying of one kind or another is bad enough; worse is the outpouring of sexist hatred being spouted by warped individuals eager to share their twisted view of women with anyone who will listen.

These are the same kind of people who caused the problem in the first place and to see them proudly flaunt the evidence of  their diseased minds in public is truly disheartening.  People like this once were too ashamed to speak out within earshot of normal persons but now feel emboldend to seek applause instead.

Is this a symptom of a free society or is it an overabundance ot 'tolerance' for abberant views?  We don't know, but we will speak out agains it whenever we can.

Please read the following article, respond to the comments referred to, and share it with anyone who cares.  These sick individuals must not be allowed to expose themselves without fear of argument.  They must not be permitted to think that their views are the views of normal, healthy people!

Thank you, and thank VO for bringing this out into the open.

article:  Amanda Todd “was whore-ish and she was treated as such”

Are we all to blame?

Perhaps the most amazing thing is that people continue to use Faceboog in spite of all its problems, privacy transgressions, and actions of "bad" users.

Maybe people need to "just say no" to Facebook. When members start leaving in droves, and activity on the service slows to a trickle, they'll get the message.

As long as Facebook is getting lots of traffic (= lots of eyeballs for advertizers) nothing will change. They have no incentive to do so. In fact, incidents like this might even help them - think of all the people suddenly flocking to the site to see what all the fuss is about each time one of these stories appears.