Enbridge pipeline hearings return to Prince Rupert, days after tanker with crack in hull arrives at terminal

Photo courtesy of Prince Rupert Port Authority

Hearings for the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline will resume today in Prince Rupert to focus on marine safety and spills. The hearings are scheduled to run until Dec. 17. 

The Prince Rupert hearings this week will focus on the environmental and social effects of the increased shipping the pipeline would bring, as well as marine safety and oil spills. The hearings come just days after Capesize Giuseppe Lembo, a tanker from Tianjin, China, arrived at Prince Rupert on Dec. 6 with a crack in the hull, according to the Maritime Bulletin. 

Prince Rupert was the site of large demonstrations earlier this year against the pipeline, which would transport diluted bitumen from the oil sands in Alberta across British Columbia to the coastal port city of Kitimat.  

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tanker with c traked hull arrives in PRINCE RUPERT


Trust Enbridge

Trust Enbridge?Yes,the Enbridge Gang have an lingering image problem(a making of their own); largely due to the ‘mess’ created in the Michigan-Kalamazoo fiasco.NEB Hearings are proceeding and will likely result in ‘technical’ approval,in Dec. 2013.—but the public and political ‘negative image problem’ remains—Enbridge still needs to CONVINCE THE PUBLIC of their NEW operations safe CULTURE—Janet’s endless pretty picture ads are not convincing—they are becoming annoying—let’s hear form the mouths of the BIG GUNS their commitment to their new culture-get on the media a talk to us—convince us ,personally---we might get to believe in you?Al Monaco (new President and CEO)has been quoted recently discussing the ‘possibility’ of moving ship loading to Prince Rupert - tying executive bonuses to safety and security -- replacing old pipelines; a start—but just TALK so far-- ACTION is what’s required!..Convince the willing members of the ENBRIDGE Board to ‘have an OPERATIONS SAFETY EPIPHANY’. Publicize where Enbridge’s decision makers will be appearing (at MODERATED local gatherings,major and local media,etc..)to show us that Enbridge ‘operators’ know their stuff— the public will ‘ judge’ the QUALITY of your team.Show us your NEW ORGANIZATION– I suggest that you include CORPORATE TECHNICAL OFFICER,(CTO ) who,along with a ‘team of your best’, will be responsible to keep you and the Board continually apprised of system conditions and world wide technical issues as they develop in the pipe line universe. Show us how THE BOARD will be held ACCOUNTABLE .Let the Board show us that their systems will not be neglected and allow another Michigan-Kalamazoo like disaster. Be LEADERS. Don’t just follow good operating and technical standards—SET THE STANDARDS!Christy Clark and Al Monaco should get their teams together and HAMMER OUT A DEAL—and SHOW US how this pipeline can be built to BENEFIT ALL parties.This shouldn’t be an ‘US AGAINST THEM’ game !Let Enbridge convince US that they can be trusted(bullying won’t work!)—a culture ‘shift’ with written PUBLIC MANIFESTO to show us their new marching orders.If they will not SHOW US how 

Not a tanker

The Capesize Giuseppe Lembo is a bulk carrier, not a tanker. http://shipfax.blogspot.ca/2011/03/another-biggie.html

money corrupt policticians

The Oil and gas corporations gain so much power over liberal government and the polictician? It's simple: Campaign finances. The corporations hire hoards of best most expensive lobbyists who dart in and out of Bc liberal poticians  offices in victoria  leaving behind trails of cash and corruption. Most policticians hardly ever meet with the actual people they claim to represent. Instead, they spend their time cavorting with corporate rabblerousers who operate based on the simple principle of greed. Think Endreige , but times a thousand. That's who controls the Bc liberals today.Company executives are paid to maximize profits, not to behave ethically
We all need to educate ourselves about corporations and how they control government and our very lives.the corporations run the BC liberals, BC taxpayers  have no real future, because corporations only think in terms of the next quarter, not the next generation. Corporations will naturally do whatever they can to maximize their profits right now, including poisoning the evoioment , .temeory foregion worker program  reducing labour cost poision drinking water , poluting the oceans  poisoning the local population with gas fracking , sacrificing the financial future of the BC for short-term gain, destroying the environment, ignoring the health care needs of the People. Essentially, corporations will sell out the future for higher profits today, and that's exactly what they've doing in BC.t big  coperate money has corrupted our bc liberal policticians

Tanker with Crack in Prince Rupert

For those ignorant and reporting a tanker(Giuseppe Lembo) with a crack in Prince Rupert need to know that the ship is in fact a bulk carrier, usually around these parts used to haul coal or grain. Oil Tankers are of a totally different construction and a double hull for obvious reasons. Can the Greenies only curry favor through prevarication and misinfomation?

endbridge will go bankrupt if major oil spil

If a major oil spill happened totally distrouing and covering the Bc coast with oil, Endbridge will declare bankruptsy and the Bc taxpayer will be stuck with the cklean up cost.the corparate excetive will have all their money in swiss bank accounts and the Bc taxpayer will be stuck paying all costs.